Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Day In The Life

I should really be sleeping already but I just have to detox. I got to talk at the symposium today. I think it went well... Only, I had to rush after the talk to get the handouts for my class and then proceed to my class. I was already a few minutes late for it because the symposium started late in the afternoon. I love, love, my new MacBook Pro, I bring it everywhere now. Only I still do not have the VGA adaptor that I need so I borrowed a colleague's. It was out of stock over at MOA. I presented using my Mac and using Keynote. I am still feeling my way through Keynote but I think it's fairly easy. Of course, I still think I should have just gotten the Office for Mac. *thwaps self*

After my class I had to rush for the Emotional Development class. Yes, that class that I had to write a paper for last night! I had fun. The class is very relaxed. It's nice to have different classmates from a different field for a change. They think so differently and so we have different ideas floating in the room! :) I also love our teacher. She speaks so well and I love how she elicits reactions from students. Only, I have to read tons and I mean tons of paper. The last time I photocopied the materials that I needed to read, I had a hard time carrying all of them also, what I paid to the photocopy lady was the most amount I have ever paid for, for photocopy. :) Still, I think it's interesting. I am also an audit student so I do not get a grade for this. I am not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing but I am done with my course work and so what can I do?

By the time my day was done, I was pooped but I had to prepare for my emcee job for tomorrow's workshop. I also had to prepare my presentation also for the workshop. Will I be introducing myself since I am the emcee too?! Speaking of! I still do not have an opening prayer... I will write it tomorrow morning. Must remember.

I just finished with my presentation and I hope things will go well tomorrow. The Japanese profs will be there so I must not mess up! *yikes!!!*

This is all for now... I know life can be so boring...

On a brighter note, a friend of mine is getting married and I am going to be one of the emcees at her wedding. Gosh, I hope I will not look like a pink hippo in my dress. I am also being asked to sing! *Aggghh!!!* I am hoping that will not happen! I started shaking the moment I was asked *haha!*. It did not help that I was asked a few moments before my presentation earlier! I am excited nonetheless!

A colleague of mine will be leaving for Japan soon too so we are planning to go to a bar ala How I Met Your Mother *haha!*. I have a feeling we will end up at Starbucks! *haha* We're also watching Spring Awakening soon! I have seen some of the songs on YouTube and I am very, very excited! :)

Before those though, I have to face tomorrow and my presentation and Friday where I will again be the emcee for another symposium. It's a good thing I have a few dresses and a few shoes in stock or else... My black stiletto died on me already so I am forced to play with my colorful pumps in the meantime until I find black shoes that I will fall in love with.

What a mouthful. It almost seems my day was exciting. :)

I have other exciting news not fit for posting yet because word has not gotten around yet. I do not want to be the publisher but will definitely share it next time! *thrilled*


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