Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Morning World!

What do you know?!

I am ready to go and with time to spare! I am going to be an emcee today so I have to really be early. I slept very late last night doing what nots and what have yous and I did not think I will be able to wake up early. Somehow my brain was still conscious because it realized I had to wake up.

Today is the big day. Gosh, I hope what I will be presenting is okay. I do not want to displease the heads of the labs in Osaka *hehe*. I am still thinking if I should finally go. Here, it's so comfortable and happy, there it's cold and unknown.

We will have to see.

I have a feeling that today's gonna be a good, good day! *bad case of LSS lyrics are all wrong hehe*

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