Friday, September 11, 2009

Going back...

I have decided to remove the Shout Out box because people were posting things that may offend others. If you need to leave a message, do so by posting comments.

It has been a long while since I have posted something here... I kind of miss just typing away and contributing to the nonsense in the virtual world. Anyhoo... I am going through something right now and I hope that it will come to pass as all things that are difficult to deal with.

On the brighter side of things, I now have a MacBook Pro yey! I know I used to not like the idea of owning a Mac because the software is very expensive and everything I felt, was eye-candy... Software is still expensive and it still offers so much eye-candy my sugar level shoots up but it's also a sleek machine. I can run my experiments on it and it just gives me performance. I have not moved from my current Vaio to my Mac yet because my iWorks have not arrived yet from mail. I think I might have made a boo boo getting iWorks when there is Office for Mac. Darn it. But iWorks looks so cute. I found out that Numbers is not as powerful as Excel. I will have to find out first. Push comes to shove, I have to just get Office for Mac. Darn! Oh well, I have to chalk it up to experience and charge it to my card! Boo!!!

There's a big symposium (for our lab anyway!) so I will be very busy again! Term break started last Tuesday and ended last Tuesday because I have to start working on my experiments and paper again! :) Fun, fun, fun! Don't get me wrong, I am really having fun! As in, the time of my life! The laboratory has been renovated and it now looks more like a research lab! *woot!*

My dad got back from Saudi and got me a really fab Gucci bag! Picture later! :) *woot!* I love it, I carry it around everywhere, except when it's raining, then I carry my Coach bag, the one that I got from Thailand in my last trip. The shantung is not the best choice as it gets worn out easily (well, the edges anyway). I rarely use my Louis Vuittom because I feel overbagged(is there such a term?) when I use it hehe... I use it on special occassions or when I have to wear something formal. :)

Last term as a teacher was hard because I had to handle Computer Programming for the first time in soh long. We used a new method of teaching last term and we only had 18% failure rate and so we were very pleased. I hope this coming term will be as good!

I guess this is it for now, I have to get back to my paper hehe... Oh my... Experiment is running really slow on Vaio. :)

Oh yeah, planning to learn LaTex too. Shame on me, it has taken me forever to shift. :)

Happy day to everyone! :)

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