Sunday, September 20, 2009


Last Wednesday, my sister, my mom and myself went on a movie date. We went and saw In My Life and we all loved it. Okay, Luis Manzano's acting is not yet at par with that of John Lloyd's but it was a good first. :)

The story was more about the lover of the son of Vilma and Vilma. The story had its surprises which delighted me. Normally, when you see a movie, you more or less know already what is going to happen. I think the best scene of the movie was that of JL and Vilma. It was brilliant! There were a lot of comic scenes as well that made me laugh 'til I was in tears! I think this movie is worth watching in the theaters! I cannot divulge more details because I might spoil it for you. I hope the Filipino cinema industry will make more movies that are worthwhile.

Another movie I enjoyed a few weeks ago was Kimmy Dora. It was really, really funny! In fact, until now, I still laugh when I think about the movie. Yup, it's that good. I really cried from laughing! :) I love watching movies with my sister because she laughs as hard as I do and it just feels soh good to laugh!

I also got to see Up. This movie was beautiful. I loved the love story between the old couple. I loved how they met when they were young and they got married and grew old together. The movie was also funny but more than that I thought it was romantic. *awww...*

I saw Time Traveler's Wife with my mom and brother. My sister was working on a project then. A funny story while we were waiting for the movie to start is this. There were two unattended pieces of luggage and this made me panic. :) So I went to tell the guard. The guard just went up and asked the seatmate of the owners of the luggage. Note that the seatmate do not know the owners, they said they just went down to go to the restrooms. Just like that, the guard left without bringing the suitcases with him. My mom went to check the comfort room and when she found no one there, she informed us. I was of course alarmed. A few moments later, the owners arrived and I was a bit relieved. One of them brought down the suitcases and that made me feel more relieved. But. He came back again with the suitcases. During the movie, there were beeping sounds that I was hearing which made me jump every now and then. Later on it turns out it was a phone of the person seated behind me. I think I would have enjoyed the movie more if I was not as anxious. I am reading the book right now. :)

I just realized, I am not used to writing on my blog so much anymore. I feel tired.

BTW, I have been watching movies for free thanks to CitiBank! :)

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