Monday, September 28, 2009


The rain has been non-stop but I am relieved that the it has stopped pouring. I am a bit nervous though because they say another two will follow suit. I hope, the storms will change their route.

I would like to request everyone to offer a prayer to those who perished and the families who were left behind. One of my students' mom and aunt were trapped inside their house in Marikina. I was told by my brother that the flood water in Marikina went up to 12 feet in 5 minutes time and so people did not have time to save themselves.

I think it's because of the water they released from the dam. I hope they realize that what they did was wrong. They could have released water days before this happened. I think it was really irresponsible of them to have done that. Many people died and I hope that there will be investigations regarding this.

Our village was flooded too, it got into the house but thankfully, it got only up to the first step of the stairs. The cars were jacked by my supermom so the water did not get t them and aside from the treadmill that got wet, everything else is fine. I was praying for the rain to stop and so were my other students and am just glad the rain stopped.

Thank You Lord because you made the rain stop. I pray Lord that You will help us rebuild everything. May we use this as an opportunity to spread the love.

Thank You.

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