Thursday, May 20, 2010

Passing Time

Okay, I have been posting relentlessly for the past few minutes because Glee is taking too long to download and I want to watch it NOW because NPH is guesting and I heart NPH. I am sorry I am blogging like a real uhm... *insert politically incorrect word here* but I want to sleep already and cannot because Glee is about to finish. I woke up at 4 am today to run and then slept again *thwaps self* until a bit late and so now my body clock is messed up. *thwaps self again and says ouch*

I have been pondering on writing a travel log for the past few days but I fear I may be too impatient to write a book because I rarely pause for a while to organize my thoughts. I know some people say write like crazy and then edit later but that is the thing with me. I always do the former and never do the latter. To say that that is a problem is an understatement. If you need to talk to my English teachers in the past you are free to do so. I think it's because I think faster than I write and lately, speak. *sigh* Do not get me wrong though, I also have moments when my brain feels like it's a truck moving uphill in need of a gear shift. I am not proud to say that this has been happening a lot. *becomes aggressive* No, it has nothing to do with me turning 30.

I hope I can start writing the travel log. I would really, really like to write a book before I hit the bucket. Wow, a real entry to my personal bucket list. Here are some of the trips that I surely want to write about:

Weewee stories
Money problems
Travel document problems
Yard stories
Close calls

One of these days I will start typing away. :)

I need a hobby after all... :)

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