Friday, May 21, 2010

Heart Flutters

The Glee episode did not disappoint. I immensely enjoyed it mostly because of Idina Menzel and I Dreamed a Dream. *sigh*

Started my day right! I ran approximately 5KM! *woot!*

I had fun today with my high school friends. I hope we can do that again! One of my friends will be going back to New York a few hours from now. I hope to visit her this year or the next. I hope to see Wicked. I hope to do a lot of things but today am just glad we got to laugh our hearts out like the good old days. *sigh* We may have grown older but our hearts are still where they should be.

This afternoon I had fun browsing books. I had to really try hard not to buy books because i have e-Books that I still need to read. Also, I have a lot of papers to read and I just found out that I have a paper to write and publish wahaha!!! I was waiting for a friend and ended up reading Florante at Laura. :) Blast from the past! I still love that book. I am a fan of poetry and I think I love F&L now more than I did more than a decade ago when I played Florante. :)

Tonight I had fun eating at Yujiin a cozy Jap resto at Wilson St. with friends. I love their Crazy Maki! I hope to come back and eat more Makis! :)

Thank You Lord for the smiles and laughter. I feel my heart flutter in delight.

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