Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Got to run at The Fort today. I ran the Condura Run a year ago I think and was able to run the 5KM route nonstop with much energy and air in my lungs to spare. :) I think I can take 10KM next time. *woot!* Unfortunately, I also had a lot to eat today. I started my bingeing spree at UCC Cafe by eating French Toast with Frankfurter. I still prefer Pancake House's French Toast and Country Sausages, this will be forever my happy food. :) After this I slept and then my dad called me up and I told him about how wonderfully my new shoes (something he gave me :) ) are helping me run. I told him my goal is to join the triathlon and now that I think I can fun long distances, my next goal is to be able to cycle long distances... Dropped hints for a bike *big grin*. I hope I get a bike...

During lunch I ate a 10oz. US T-Bone Steak at Bigby's! *wah!!!* Calories!!! Still, I thought I had quite a loverly meal. *sheepish grin* I skipped the Dairy Queen dipped cone even if I was soh tempted and everyone was egging me to eat one. Also, I did not get myself a honey glazed doughnut at Krispy Kreme even though everyone got something from the store. I kept hearing one of my colleagues say that a doughnut is 30-minutes worth of sprint!

For dinner I had a sinful plate of Roasted Duck Rice and Hakaw at my fave Wai Ying in Binondo... *sigh*

To wipe the guilt off my system I did Hiphop Abs with my mommy. *sigh* I feel bad about eating soh much! Tomorrow morning I will not be running so... hmm... How to deal with the guilt? Maybe I will swim. That's a big maybe. :)

Who knows?!

I felt bad about my research last Saturday. I just discovered a paper doing what I am doing. Now I have to ask myself if the topic is worth pursuing as a dissertation. *sigh* I got so depressed I have not read the paper again. I will read it again tomorrow hopefully I can find something wrong with it. I really need to focus.

I also want to catch Simply KC tomorrow, it's airing tomorrow morning and while I normally do not have the patience to catch shoes during their regular schedule, this show has got me intrigued enough to actually want to watch it tomorrow morning.

This is all I have right now.

Oh and yeah, today I got to find out if one of my weird dreams from the past week is true or not... It's not. Which is a good thing.

I know this post is sounding like a series of random posts... it is actually.

I also met up with my high school friends the other day. It was a blast.

So many good things have been happening lately and I am grateful to the Lord. Thank You for this gift of a life that You have given me. :)

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