Saturday, May 08, 2010


I love how you make me feel like I can conquer the world. You make me breathe and live more. You make my heart beat faster and make me gasp for air. You make me go greater distance, beyond I thought I could go. You make me fight the urge to stop and slow down. You make me want to see more of the world. Because of you I realize that every journey begins with one simple step and every step that comes after will just happen.

I hope to have more years with you and discover you more as I discover myself.

Discover running. :)

What did you think I was talking about?

I have been running for a while now and while I have had a minor accident, I am loving it thoroughly. I used to be biased but now I see the fun and beauty in it.

I hope to fall back into love with swimming too. I am super excited because I am going back to Bora! Must get back into shape!!! :)

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