Thursday, May 06, 2010

Caliraya Fun

I forgot to post about Caliraya! I was in Caliraya from Friday afternoon up until Saturday afternoon. It was just an overnight thing but it was packed with activities! When we got there I brought out my poi so the others who wanted to try it out can try it out... I demonstrated a bit and left it to one of our secretaries. After a brief merienda we went down the hill to play with a monster (because it is so gigantic!) basketball... It was really hard! We then tried their obstacle course. I was so nervous about the hurdles because I might trip and hurt my freshly healed (tocino-looking if I may be so gross!) right knee. After the obstacle course, I was able to eye the Earth Balls (way bigger than the monster basketball!) and freed the ball... The ball was too big so we just decided to play Frisbee.

My hand-eye coordination is not very good but I think my throw has improved a whole lot!!! Compared to last year's super fail throw, my throw now can be caught hehe... Also, I can now catch. Not without getting bruised but still... I had so much fun running and catching and failing most times and just laughing! After the game we were hoping we can go wall climbing but it was closed already so we decided to do Bungee Cord next!

I was soh excited and partly scared hehe... I tried to somersault and realized that it was not so difficult so I did it many times! Everyone was cheering and the feeling was exhilarating! You see, I have never somersaulted in my life before the Bungee Cord! :) I didn't know it was soh fun! :) After Bungee Cord we tried a variation of zip-lining. I tried it once because I was afraid of getting down hehe... A friend of mine had to help me down. There is a rope that has a round flat thing that you sit on and then you basically cross the line hanging on to the rope for dear life. The other end of the rope is a bit high and has no landing platform so it's hard to get down...

After the zipline we ate dinner, and then sang at the Videoke. After that I changed into my two-piece and we swam in the pool! The water was surprisingly warm. I have to practice my strokes if I want to compete in the next FA swim meet. I sucked hehe... Speed has never been my thing. I have endurance. I think I can swim 2.5 KM but I do not think I can swim fast... Even in swimming I am no sprinter. :)

After swimming we took a bath and then hung out outside eating chips and drinking (water for me, lambanog for the others!). We were planning to run in the morning but nobody woke up so we just had breakfast, after which we played Frisbee again, of course I still suck at catching but it's a vast improvement from last March. :) I just need a bit more practice. After Frisbee, we went wall climbing. I was able to climb five times! :) Before the climb, we decided to zipline first, it was pretty easy already because I have tried it in Chiang Mai but it was fun nonetheless... It was the walk back that was kind of boring...

After all the activities, we just rested for a bit and then took a bath. When we got back to Manila we decided to watch Iron Man 2 hehe... I was so surprised that we all had energy left! We even played basketball at TimeZone! I think my hand-eye coordination is really improving already because I scored 35! Highest I have ever gotten! I need more practice but I definitely am improving! *woot!*

I had fun at Caliraya! Food and service sucked but I had fun because of the company!

Until next activity!!!

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