Friday, May 14, 2010


Today I just spoke to our partner professor at Osaka University in Japan and I discussed my proposed solution. I had a hard time defending my work because I was so nervous and half of the time I was trying to process all the jargon *hehe*. The field I am in is new to me because I was not into AI before. I was into P2P but I shifted because there aren't so many people in my field and it is really, I-cannot-say-it-enough hard to work alone with no one to brainstorm with. I am glad though that after talking he was able to see novelty in m work. His only concern is that I found an approach that I am using as basis. It is focused on another domain but with some tweaking can be applied in my domain. He said he would reject my dissertation if I only had to do minor tweaking because otherwise it will not qualify as a dissertation. Afraid!

I am now writing my proposal. Hopefully, I will finish this summer so I can defend this coming first term and I can start working on it. *sigh* So many things have been happening lately it has been hard to focus on my dissertation. For the past few days though we have been working 9 to 5 and I think it is working for me. :) *woot*

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