Thursday, May 20, 2010

Full Throttle

A friend of mine is getting out of control. This friend is in love and all of a sudden feels like a totally different person altogether. Is this the effect of love? Was I like this at a certain point of time? Frijda, a psychologist says that eventually we adapt to our emotions so the intensity of the emotion fades eventually. Does this mean that my friend will eventually turn back to normal? If not, how do we, the people around this person cope? Aaargh... in the meantime, because we are friends, we will have to put up. After all, as Warwick (pardon to the fans, I do not know how to spell the name and am too lazy because it is too late at night already to google names of artists of another era... my body clock has been smashed against the wall again but that's a whole different story... and this is turning out to be too long a parenthesized remark) and company said, "That's what friends are for".

This friend of mine I hope is heading for a good place.

On a note completely unrelated to my friend, I just saw the Telephone video of Lady Gaga this afternoon and all I could say was what the fudge?! I mean, I usually can stomach certain obscenities because I was a teenager when I started watching MTV but whoah... Gaga is a whole new Madonna level! I hope my children will never, ever have to see her stuff. I am kind of glad I am not raising a teen these days... Lots of stuff I cannot explain to them *hehe*. :)

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