Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bora with Bro

I just realized that I did not write about my trip to Bora last March with my brother. It was fun because it has been a while since we hung out. It was my brother's first time in Boracay so we maximized our trip. After landing we went straight to the hotel, this was frustrating for me because we had to wait a few hours before the room with a vault was ready. I made a very specific request that I wanted a room with a vault, not because I had millions with me but because I wanted piece of mind.

After that, we could not swim anymore because the sun was glaring so we just decided to walk underwater with the fishes wearing a huge helmet from a long time ago. I panicked a bit going down because my ears began to hurt so I had to stop midway and then continue going down. I equalized but my ears hurt anyway... The trip down was worth it though because there were soh many fishes that we got to feed and we also got to play around. For 500 Php we got to experience this and we got a VCD as a souvenir. :)

After that we went back to the room and then I caught a glimpse of free poi lessons. I have long been wanting to try out a poi and I was surprised that it was rather easy for me to use. The others in the class had a hard time and my brother teased me for being a show off. I think my Florante at Laura komedya days helped because some of the moves were similar to the moves using the poi. Before I left Bora, I bought five pairs of poi. :)

We also got henna tattoos for free because Globe had a promo while we were there and we also got into a party for free! :) That party was fun but I also saw a student from Cisco. Students really are everywhere! :) That night we also had a free dinner but that should be another post. :)

The following night we went island hopping and we got to swim near Shangri-la. The water was great there and I had fun doing laps. My brother said I was antisocial when in the water. I agree. After that, we had a relaxing massage and slept because we partied until the morning the night before and we were planning to party again later that night. We went to another party and my brother got drunk! It was a bit annoying that he got drunk hehe... The following morning we tried to learn how to skim board. I bruised my left knee. My right knee was bruised earlier from wall climbing because my foot slipped. I was pleased with myself though because I reached the top! :)

I had gallons and gallons of mango shake while there and we ate many times at Lemon Cafe (I love their food) and discovered a really good cake I forgot what it is called but it's Mango something... Yum!!! I am sure to eat that cake again when I go back with colleagues! I am coming back and it's all paid for! How kewl is that?!

I already miss the food and the sand and the water and believe it or not... the sun. The sun is better when it's kissing you from the white sands and turquoise water of Bora!

On my last night in Bora I decided to stay at a henna stand and experience how it is to be like a local. I befriended the people and tried to attract customers! I got soh many customers to come to the stand and the locals were so pleased they gave me another free henna tattoo!!! I got myself a Dolphin Tattoo on my left leg. I had another on my left shoulder. It was perfect for the National Geographic Earth Day Run. :)

Must get back into shape for my next Bora trip! :) I will be working so I do not think I will get to go to the beach as frequently but I will be staying at Boracay Regency so that's alright!!! I have been to Bora four times but this is the first time I will be staying at a posh hotel. :)

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