Monday, May 30, 2005

Lightsabers and a Pig

*** and I saw Revenge of the Sith last Friday. I was disappointed. It was not the work of art I was expecting it to be. We were rushing because we had to claim the tickets earlier and while I was worried that we might not be able to claim the tickets he was not. He was more worried that we were unable to park at GB3 and that I had to walk from Park Square 2 wearing my wedge shoes. He was worried about me when he was the one who just came from a basketball game. He stays calm for both our sanity. Thanks baby!

If you ask me Madagascar is a better film by leaps and bounds hehe... It was a total laugh trip film. I saw it with my sister and my brother yesterday. *** and I are planning to watch it since he did not come to see it with us. He's still timid around my family, my siblings are a bit weird around new guys in my life and he feels that. The soundtrack is great and it's really funny!

I sat with a couple and well sitting with them made me thank the Lord for sending me Vince and not the guy who was a seat away from me(I was sitting beside his girlfriend). He was snapping at the girl and he was not at all sweet. Can he be more mean? I know the guy actually he's a batchmate but we were never close and I doubted if he remembered me. They were not at all sweet or affectionate. There was a time when the girl wondered aloud and the guy snapped, "It's a cartoon Jen!". He was not even cute. He was shushing her... treating the girl horribly! What a loser! The girl deserves so much better!

Guys should know how to treat girls better! I came to Cinema2 of GB3 to see animals make a fool of themselves and ended up seeing a boyfriend make a pig of himself.

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