Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Basking in Your Love

This is the second time I'm typing this and I am not the least bit annoyed probably because I enjoy trying to recall everything that has happened. :)

Friday night, I was already home at my unit done with the workshop and done with my 20lap swimming workout. He was at a badminton tournament leveling and I was very busy packing my stuff. It's a complex process to pack. i have to try out everything that I am bringing to make sure that everything will fit me. I end up trying out three times the number of clothes I really have to bring and so begins the process of elimination. It takes me forever to pack. I am always afraid of leaving something behind. Call me sissy. I am.

We talked on the phone when he got home. I think we hung up at two in the morning. We both had to wake up early because we were meeting his friends at six in the morning. I was going to wake him up because he has a problem with alarm clocks. Surprises of surprises, I did not wake up when my phone alarmed. He had to call me to wake me up. I took a quick bath and was really glad that I prepared my stuff the night before.

I decided to wait at our lobby since we were already running late. He got my bag, and took care of my bag We hailed a jeep and then I remembered we had to get more sun block because my sun block might not be enough. All the while, I thought we were meeting his friends at Vito Cruz so I jumped off the jeep in front of SEven Eleven. It was only then that I found out that we were to meet them at Buendia and well... I was embarrassed of course but like a true gentleman he did not make a big deal out of it.

We met up with his friends at Jollibee Buendia. I was nervous because they were his friends and they knew the other girl who had a crush on *** back in college. I found out after the exchange of introductions that they worked with *** in Plaridel. Most of them were editors. His ex came into mind because she was after all an editor too. I got even more nervous... but only for a while, at least until I felt his hand touch my hand. I knew I was going to be fine. He has a calming effect on me. It is because of him that I have become more comfortable meeting new people. His friends are always nice. His Plaridel friends are especially nice.

We got on a bus going to Batangas. The bus' aircon was malfunctioning and so we had to sweat it out all the way to Batangas. I never complained though because being with my baby was more than enough. I guess it's true when they say it's heaven beside the person you love. The place was not that romantic, it was a bus with an aircon that has bogged down yet all I could think of was how blessed I was to be on this trip with him. You see, I was almost unable to go with him to Galera because I was supposed to teach professionals how to program starting last Saturday. The seminars however, were cancelled at the last minute and so I was able to go with them. I really like it when things just fall into place!

The sun was glaring when we got to the Batangas Terminal but I was ever chirpy because I was having fun and the excitement of the trip was nowhere near extinguishable. I saw a friend's sister there too. Even the terminal was stuffy but I was unaffected. We boarded a boat called Brian, not without pictures of course. By this time, I have become fond of his female friend who happens to be chirpy and funny too. She says a lot of bad words but I'm used to that since I have had high school friends who were like that. I saw a student and his mom on the boat.

The boat ride to Galera was more comfortable than my first time there. No, I am not just saying that because I was with my baby this time around. It was really less splashy and the boat was more steady. I guess it's coz the boat was bigger and more populated. While in the boat the clouds became darker and it made me say a silent prayer for a good weather. Thank you Lord for giving us that good weather. We all had fun because you did. :)

Galera Shore Posted by Hello

My heart leaped with joy when we got to the Galera shores because I could not believe that this was all happening. I was with my baby in Galera. Never in my dreams did I imagine (hehe well maybe I did!) that my mother would let me go there with him! It was all surreal! This was better than a dream definitely!!! *giggle*

We rented a room a few minutes from the beach front. It was an okay place, I mean the CR was okay and there were beds and that was all I thought we needed. It was relatively far from the beach so we decided to not make so many trips to the house. It was also quite a hassle to go back and forth to the house so we all decided not to go back several times. It was good that I brought a small bag and the female friend I was fond of also brought along her satchel. So *** with my pink bag in tow and I and his Plaridel friends went to the beach. We swam and I got to practice my strokes. Yess... It felt really good swimming in the sea! Yeah! Got to do my butterfly strokes, not perfect yet but with practice I think I'm getting there. It was nice swimming with my baby. It was the first time we swam as a couple... Haha... Yeah, it's monumental for me! He's the only boyfriend I swam with! :) We spent most of the time checking out girls in their two piece finding the perfect body hehe :)

After dinner, his friends decided to swim again, I did not want to swim anymore because it was very dark already. *** and I decided to just watch over our things and we laid down on the sand without a sarong. He laid on his back, I laid on his stomach and together we stared at the starless sky. Yup the stars were just in my head. It was heaven lying on the sand with the one I love. WE just talked about things. ASked each other questions. I like it when we do that. From time to time, I would find sexy bodies and point them out to him hehe... His ogling used to bother me but now it does not anymore. If I can't beat him I'll just join him. As a girl I cannot keep myself from ogling, I can understand if it is Wquite impossible for guys hehe... girls are just too pretty to disregard. We slept at 2:30 am that day.

The following day, we decided to go to the rocky part of Galera. It was a difficult climb because the rocks were sharp and some of them looked slippery and unsteady. I cut myself going down to the water but apart from the small cut I was fine. After that experience though, I was sure I did not want to go up to the rocks again I decided to just swim all the way to teh shore. *** did not want to let me because I might get cramps since I was wearing sandals and all... I assured him I won't drown and besides I was wearing my bright orange suit so I'm sure it won't be difficult to spot my floating drowned body if ever. It turned out that swimming was indeed easier.

The Rocks Posted by Hello

The final twenty minutes of my stay was the highlight of my stay. He got a henna tattoo on his right arm and shortly after we went shopping since we were running short of time. It was a hot and humid day and shopping just made the heat more unbearable. It was after he bought me a cute pink souvenir shirt when I noticed that his tattoo was ruined because sweat was trickling over the design. I tried to clean it with my fingers. He stopped me. I thought he wanted me to stop because I might make it worse. He made me stop because he did not want my hand stained with henna. I just thought that was the sweetest. While he was also worried about his henna he was more concerned on how I was doing. He was more concerned if I was tired already. He was more worried if we were going too fast and he was always checking if I was okay. While we were waiting to board the boat, he was still in a very good mood. He was not throwing tantrums considering that he could not find the pair of earrings that he also bought for his sister. He is amazing. He handled the series of unfortunate events so well. I do not know anyone who could have handled it as good as he did. He was even saying how he learned so many lessons from that afternoon. He was just so positive. He made me love him more... *sigh* I am soh lucky to have such a sweet, thoughtful, selfless person in my life.

On the way back I slept on his bag, that was on his lap throughout the boat ride. On the bus I did the same. He was gently planting kisses on my forehead and on my hair as I was falling asleep. It was heaven. Thank you Lord for giving me my piece of heaven on earth.

I went to Galera to bask in the sun but I ended up basking in your love baby. I love you. I don't understand how you could have fallen in love with me but I thank the Lord for letting you love me. Everyday, you find new ways to tell me that you love me. I hope you know how much I love you too. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone (not in my family hehe). Everyday I find myself growing more in love with you. *sigh* Who could have thought I could feel this way about somebody. Who would have thought that you can make me this happy?

The Lord knew all along... He just wanted to surprise me. Lord, it was the most wonderful surprise! Thank you soh much! Help me take care of this gift. *hugs*

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