Friday, May 06, 2005

I love 555!

No not the sardines! The date, 05-05-05!

He asked me if we could have dinner together because he missed me. Weird, I thought, considering it was a Thursday and he had a basketball game scheduled at 8pm. I wanted to see him too 'coz i was missing him the day before that so badly that I think I viewed our pictures to sleep. Freaky I know but I know someone else who does that! :)

He drove me to Blue Wave since we were going to have dinner at Plato Platina. It was around 11:30pm already by this time. It was odd because he took longer to get to my place and the car smelled of his perfume. He smells good all the time but last night was just too much. It was like he perfumed the car. He parked the car but he did not turn off the engine. I was thinking, nooneenoo he's wasting gas but what the heck! I'm happy as long as I'm with him.. Then he asked me do you remember today? I said yes, I know today is special. What day is today? May 5, 2005. 05-05-05, yup it's a sardinas day today! And then he asked me if I could be his baby, his girl, his lady, his life. At this point I was giggling and laughing... He looked me in the eye and said in the most sincere way, I love you. I stared back at him, my brain not working for a while... too much for my hypothalamus to process! I said I love you too... Then he reached for a shirt at the back of his car... I did see his backseat and well... it was in disarray with a white shirt on the seat. He asked me if I could fold his shirt. I did as I was told laughing asking if that was a test.

He asked me to put the shirt at the back and there I saw a bouquet of 24 -> correction... i counted this time haha :) it's 48, 2 dozens of pink and 2 dozens of white flowers! The bouquet was huge! By this time, I already wanted to cry but I remembered my make-up. The rest of the evening, I was just floating and my head was filled with air and happy thoughts and sparkling moonstars...

Yup, last night was a great night! I will always look back to that night with a smila and a song in my heart.

I had a nose bleed shortly after he left... My brain apparently cannot handle more than one surprise in a week haha! I did have a nosebleed! I don't know what the reason was but yeah... hehe :) I am so happy...

I pray to the Lord above who led us to one another that He be the reason that we stay together. Let our relationship glorify You!

I love you baby!


Cherie said...

I wanted to see him too 'coz i was missing him the day before that so badly that I think I viewed our pictures to sleep. Freaky I know but I know someone else who does that! :)

-- Kilala ko ba to? ha... ha... ha... kilala ko ba??? hehe
Congrats gurl! Wishing you all the happiness in the world :-)

dRaMaQuEeN said...

cherie, ano nasapol ka ba? haha! :) oo kilalang kilala mo dapat yan otherwise, hmm... there's something very wrong with you!

Thanks girl... I just followed your advice haha... love is a risk... and yes he made it to the 12 week cut-off that we set... I did not even have to ask him the awkward question. :)

Thanks for listening to my rants and raves. There might be more in the future. Hope you'll stick around for them!


Cherie said...

Cool! See I've told you many times, if it's meant to be it will happen. Everything will fall into place at the right time.

And of course, I'm looking forward to more rants and raves! That's what's gurlfriends are for! haha

Kiko said...

Kaya pala nde ka na nagrereply-reply sa mga ibang messages mo, may miel ka na, hehehe.

All d best.

(wala na, minus 1 na ulit sa yaya-bles sa barkada nya bwahahaha)

dRaMaQuEeN said...

Huh? Nagrereply po ako no! :) Thank for the best wishes! :) I really hope this one works!!!