Saturday, May 07, 2005

My 5 Seconds on the Stage

Last night we were at Blue Wave again to see South Border... The waiter at Plato Platina told us they were coming along with Kitchie Nadal. Surprises of all surprises, it was True Faith and Kitchie Nadal. I knew we should not have believed the waiter after he gave me Putanesca instead of Pesto el Penne and my boyfriend (just really wanted to use the word haha!) rice instead of mashed potatoes... I even asked the water, if what he gave me was pesto because it was bloody red! The waiter nonchalantly said, yes! Harhar! Maybe the basil and the parsley mutated haha! But I was too happy to care if what I was eating was Putanesca or Pesto... I did not care... I was happy...

Going back...

Kelly of Magic 89.9 was the host of the night and there was a game. She asked for someone who can name three restaurants at the Blue Wave. It was a no brainer considering that we were surrounded by three restaurants so I thought people near the stage would answer. *** dared me to go up the stage haha... Who is he kidding? He does not dare me to go up there... because I wanted to! Haha! I won a t-shirt and a CD! The CD's pretty good. It's a compilation of R&B stuff... The shirt's okay too... :) I like it that he was not ashamed of me, if anything I thought I sensed some pride in him... I like it that I can wear anything when I am with him and I would still feel safe.

True Faith is a great band! I still enjoyed it. The lead vocalist's seques were noteworthy and he is a great dancer. A total performer. You should see them perform live some time. The Putanesca was not so bad either. I realized, sometimes we don't get exactly what we want but that doesn't mean it's not as good... sometimes what we're handed turns out to be better... hmm... or am I just complacent?


I want this relationship I am in right now. He is the best boyfriend! So why can't I just enjoy the moment? Why am I worried? Why am I freakin' paranoid? I am afraid that I might do something that will blow this relationship 'coz it's just so good right now and I don't want it to end... Do you understand that feeling? I love him soh much that I don't want anything to ruin what we have. I am soh afraid that I might ruin it... haha... I don't want to be paralyzed by fear, I want to be in the now because I want to savor every moment. Away with you fear!!! Away with you! *chants* haha :)

Life is good because God is good! :) I should trust what He gives me because what He gives is good! Amen!

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