Monday, May 23, 2005


Last Thursday, our company went for an outing to Los Baños, Laguna for a workshop. We worked most of the day of Thursday until 530pm after that we had the time to ourselves until around 1pm of Friday. The workshop was interesting though not that exciting. After the workshop we had our dinner.

*** texted me during the workshop and asked if I needed anything. He started asking if the resort is the resort that he went to before. He described the place, asked if the place is along the highway and so on... I was growing in suspicion at the time but I did not want to expect that he'd come and visit me because the resort was really far. At the back of my mind though, there was a little voice reminding me of what he said the night before, I'm going to make my presence felt.

I invited him to come since his text messages seemed as though he was disappointed that I did not invite him. I didn't because I thought the place we were going to was not going to be okay and he had work. I know I said I did not want to expect but every part of me wished he'd come to surprise me. He did not accept the invitation and told me he was going to go home already. He only had three hours of sleep the night before because of his badminton tournament leveling and after the tournament we spoke on the phoneSo there... he was not going to come after all, I thought. I thought... He called me while I was having dinner so I walked away from the videoke hungry population of my workplace and went to a quiet corner of the resort. We talked on the phone for twenty minutes. All the while he was telling me how he was going home already and he was also asking me questions about the resort. After 20, he said he'd call me again so I went back to my table. He called again after five and we started talking again about the resort. When I looked to my left I saw a guy who looked a lot like him... I was getting giddy already but at the same time I was cautious too because I didn't really think it will be ***. I told him about the guy standing a few meters away from me and asked if I should come near to see they face of the guy. It was him! My heart did a somersault of joy! It was really soh sweet of him to come all the way to LB to just see me. I finally got to introduce him to my cofaculty. He was very gracious and confident. He even joined our Videoke sessions! He sang two songs. Being the drag queen stuck in a girl's body, when the song Fame started playing I instinctively jumped at the mic and started singing... and dancing, really embarassing stuff hehe... And *** was there! The whole time he was just there supporting me. I asked him if he felt embarassed and he said it was okay and that he has long accepted that I am like this. I really love it that I can be myself around him and know that he will not judge me.

He stayed until past ten and then left for his place in LP. My officemates were amazed with the surprise because that sure took a lot of sacrifice on his part. They tell me that's love. They don't have to tell me because I can feel the love. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I love you so much baby! Thank you for coming into my life and for loving me the way you do! I feel like I am in love for the first time!

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