Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Warmth of Cold

I got a bad cold. Worst cold that I have ever had in years but last Monday it has proven itself to be the best too. Allow me to expound.

He visited me that Monday night and brought me fresh orange juice. The kind that my brother and I like except it was a different brand. He said I should drink plenty of juice and water. He was sick himself and he was blaming himself for letting me get his cold though I really think I got this from overexhausting myself for the few days.

He brought out espasols and pili candies and beaded necklaces that he got from Quezon. He went there for his family reunion. During which he was always calling me up and texting me despite the limited cell coverage there.

He stayed for a while to chat and talk to me about the resort they went to in Tayabas. He wants me to see the place and says that he will brave yet again asking my mom so I can go. We're planning to bring along my little sister and my friend Bhennie. I'm so excited already... Going back...

He said goodbye already, I walked him to the elevator and then a few minutes later he texted me asking me to look around if he dropped something. I worried that he might not have dropped whatever it was in the unit but I looked anyway with increasing suspicion... Hmm... why is he so sure that this was where he dropped the item? I did see him fixing his plastic bags earlier... He came with plastic bags but I figured that was where he placed everything and I did not want to ask too many questions about the stuff that he had... I did not want to be rude.

I looked under the couch and saw how dirty it was under there *evil laugh*! Apart from all the trash, and some that look like trash now, I saw an envelope with my name and my address. The returnee's address just had the words Guess Who written in a nice penmanship. The stamp had a smiley face. The card alone made me start laughing and giggling. As if that's not enough, I saw 12 pink gerbera flowers in a bouquet tied with a pink ribbon. That just took my breath away!

I called him, I couldn't stifle my laughter and he just pretended like he did nothing... We talked a few minutes and then he had to hang up coz he had to gas up. He called me up again for 15 minutes until he got home. He is just the sweetest guy ever! Are these the flowers that I have been waiting for? I have known him for twelve weeks now. :)

On a more scary note, his mother saw my picture already. The Pond's commercial comes into mind, "Soy hijo pienza que si!" haha! His mother seems to be very particular with appearance and well... that's not really my forte hehe... I think we all know that from my hair alone. I just really hope and pray that she'd like me! :) She says I have a Close-Up smile though, if what *** tells me is true. She asked several questions... interrogated is more appropriate in this aspect I think. Meet the Parents comes into mind with all the lie detectors and stuff... hehe... Oh well... Here goes... I think I have taken the plunge long before I was aware. I am loving every moment of the free fall, feeling the wind brush against my face, my body falling helplessly, allowing gravity to just pull me... hoping hard, praying hard that I will land safe and sound, without regrets and happy as I ever could be.


Cherie said...

Ang pag eeehhbiiig kong itoooo....

Wishing you all the happiness in the world gurl!

dRaMaQuEeN said...

Thank you so much friend! It's friends like you that gives me enough adrenalin to go for the jump not thinking of the landing that is to come after. :)