Monday, May 30, 2005

Through the Fire

I have too many things to learn this trimester and my brain's wheels are turning again after a long time of sleeping hehe :) I am having fun so far. The stress is not taking its toll yet... save for a few pimples on my face.

After more than a month I finally drove to Alabang again... I have not gone to a single prayer meeting since my accident. It was nice to worship again. When I raise up my hands to worship the Lord it just really sets me free and it puts a smile on my face. I had such a big smile across my face when I was singing at the top of my lungs because I was just soh grateful!

The prayer meeting was about passion, death and resurrection. There are times when we do not feel His presence and we hate Him for it. We love Him when we feel He is in our life but we curse him when we feel He has abandoned us. I hope I will never have to feel this Lord.

There was also an elder who shared about his wife. His wife was given two months to live due to some malfunction in his wife's liver. He prayed to God and he heard from Him that she will be healed. After a few weeks, the wife indeed started getting better but after a while, she started to deteriorate again. He cursed Him. He hated Him until a friend showed him a passage on the bible that says " of little faith can you not see that only prayers and faith can heal her.". He came back to Him again, this time surrendering everything. Two months passed and the wife was still alive. She was brought to the States and there she was found to be healthy. Praise God.

The story touched me because like the man, I am in love and like anyone who loves, we do not want to lose the one we love. His desire to fight for her life touched me deeply.

We all go through suffering from time to time, perhaps for us to be refined. Like gold we have to be put under fire for us to shine our best. Maybe we go through pain because as they say without darkness there can never be light. We go through pain so we'll know what heaven feels like.

I used to question why I had to have failed relationships in the past. I used to question why I had to meet toads while in search for the one. I appreciate my prince now because of the toads i met along the way. I know better how to take care of a relationship, a partnership because of mistakes in the past. Thank you for preparing both of us. Thank you for the pains in the past, for making us shine our best.


He waited for me for hours until the prayer meeting ended. We had a snack at ATC but the real highlight of that night was when he carried me at the parking lot. You see, the parking lots at ATC are elevated since it's located on a hill and the terrain is not that flat... I was looking for stairs and I could not find any... He carried me so I can go down... Like a prince charming he carried me. It felt nice being carried by him. Thank you Lord for my piece of heaven! :) All the fires I went through in the past is all worth it. Thanks. :)

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