Thursday, July 21, 2011

SONga (State of Ngayon)

I was visiting memory lane and saw a list of things I wanted to do for 2006 and I realize that I was able to do most of it.

Still read books for leisure
I still do read for leisure. In fact, I think I am less stringent in terms of the books that I read. I am less discriminating. I sill would not read a Harry Potter to save my life but I still find reading as one of the most entertaining things to do.

Remember that my younger sister is no longer a baby
She is now a professional and has a boyfriend. I still have my big sister syndrome but I am proud to say that yes, I have now accepted that she is no longer a baby. :) *wahahah!!!* She can't push me around anymore. :)

Be more organized, organized, organized!
*hehe!* Relatively, yes. I am now more organized. I do use an electronic and a paper planner now. I have recently, (thnk last night) started a new filing system for the papers that I am referencing for my RRL. I have a special folder in my hard disk for all the papers, grouped in specific topics mind you, so that should say enough about how much I have improved. My desk still looks like a hurricane ransacked it but a slightly forgiving hurricane.

Be more punctual!
I am now more punctual in my classes. I have not been late for my class for a while now and I have not forgotten any of my classes during the beginning of the term. :) *beams*

Stick to my thrice a week 20-lap swimming, once a week 30 min jog and thrice a week crunches
I now just swim 10 laps instead of 20. My schedule will only permit me this much and at least once a week... I rarely get to swim more than once actually. I get to run at most thrice a week and at least once a week. It used to be 9KM but then it went down to 5KM and then now to 2.5KM but I have been doing intervals so that should count for something. I do not do crunches but I now do Barre3. My blood pressure if 90/60 for crying out loud! I think I am doing fine. :)

Earn PhD units
Twice more than the required actually. Talk about overkill.

Publish a paper
Check! :)

ERCIM tie up

I do not even remember this *wahaha* but I was able to have a project with ICT-Asia through a French institution and I had as partners universities from Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore. I am also in partnership with the Psychology department right now and I have an ongoing DOST-PCASTRD project. I guess I did okay.

Make classes informative but exciting and fun
I do my best. I hope I am doing this. I can't believe I used to have this much passion. Enough at least to put this on my list hehe...

Propose an improved Computer Literacy Program as Pagkamulat Coordinator
We were able to improve the materials. Also, before I stepped down I was able to partner with MACE Learning Center and now every year we go there to give gifts to the kids and we also sponsor some kids there so they can go to school. I am still an active member of Pagkamulat and I love it.

Be responsive to calamity victims
We rarely have drives now.

Encourage more faculty involvement in Pagkamulat
This caused me much frustration before. I thnk the new coordinator is doing a much better job. :)

Be a good Practicum coordinator
I am proud to say that I have really improved in this area. I love my job. I love my students. I cannot say more. :)

Complain less :)
This blog is a testament to how much of a miserable failure I am in this department.

Less topaks for my boyfriend to worry about
No comment.

Continue to be an active lector
I stopped for a while but I am now back as a commentator.

Become a better badminton player
I still suck but I think my hand-eye coordination improved. I have learned how to play Ultimate Frisbee, pingpong and I did score one of the highest scores at Laser Extreme when I played with a bunch of my friends. But yeah, I still suck at badminton.

Join a fun run
I joined more than one actually. My last time was 30 minutes for 5K and 1hour for 10K I think. I stopped running because registration fees are just prohibitive. I would rather spend on my gear than on the registration.

Skate again
I did. On the ice and on pavements. I do not skate now, however. I do not know if I will skate again.

Sing more
We still do have our videoke sessions. We have a magic sing which we now rarely use but I still do sing. :)

Read more, learn more
I still read a lot... of papers :) I read and watch educational stuff and I talk to educated and well-read people so yeah, I grab every chance to learn.

I will come up with a new list of things I want to do and keep doing soon. :)

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