Sunday, July 24, 2011


I do not know how many contact lens wearers will be reading this post but no matter how small the number is, I still want to do my part in raising the awareness for GPC or Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis. I am greatly disappointed in optometrists and optical shops for never informing contact lens wearers or prospective contact lens wearers of the risks that they face if they choose to wear contact lenses.

Last Wednesday, my right eye wept for half a day because it was rejecting my right contact lens. I know I am also at fault here for being irresponsible and not going to see an opthalmologist right away. It is ironic that a friend of mine for the longest time IS an opthalmologist *hehe!*. But her clinic is just too far away ... I digress. I thought it would go away because normally it does but this time around, it just would not quit even if I use my Aquify eye drops from Ciba. I had to go home to remove my lenses.

The following day, after much prodding from a close friend, I went to the hospital. I was told that I have GPC. Chronic contact lens wearers suffer from this. Essentially, wearing contact lens regularly makes one an automatic candidate. This condition has ten levels and I was told that I was in the 2nd level.

GPC causes your eyes to dry because this inflames the inner layer of the eyelid making the surface rough. This leads to dry eyes and discomfort. The cornea, which is the transparent layer of the eye gets its nutrients from the air and from the tears coming form the tear ducts. GPC makes your eyes produce less tears, hence, the cornea will dry up and if GPC gets really bad, it can get brittle and easily get scratched. I am fortunate because my cornea has no signs of abrasions.*whew*

The deal with my doctor is this, I cannot wear contacts for a week. After that, I have to reduce my contact lens wear from seven days to only five days a week. My friend told me not to wear contacts all together. My doctor proposed this as well in order to banish the symptoms. However, my doctor understands that this is impossible for me. I cannot give up wearing lenses. I do not want to wear glasses while I run. I do not want to swim blind. I know, I know I can get prescriptive goggles but... okay fine... maybe I will get a pair... *sigh*. So, while my friend insists that I do not wear contacts anymore, I was able to haggle and convince that I can wear contacts whenever I run or I swim. I will try my utmost best to not wear contacts. *haha*

This morning I accidentally wore them because I have programmed myself to be this way.

Oh and yeah, my doctor got me Genteel it's an eye drop product by Novartis. It has to be refrigerated so I am not sure how to go about using it at least four times a day when I need to keep it cool. I bring it with me nonetheless so I can use it.

I hope my eyes get better. I miss my contacts already. :)

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