Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Progress Bar

I got to run again today! I did intervals again which is the most abhorring thing ever invented by runners, I think. It is really draining and it makes me feel like my lungs are going to explode! So why do it at all, you might ask? It gives me the workout I want in less time. Also, I think it will teach me how to sprint. I am more of a stamina runner/swimmer and I want to learn how to sprint to prepare me for an upcoming meet! :) *nervous*

Last night, I was able to see these sites that gave me tips on how to improve my stroke count. This gives a list of things to do and while some of the tips here, contradict with the eleven-time Olympic medalist *whoah!* Natalie Coughlin, I find the tips helpful nonetheless.

Okay enough of that.

I want to be well-rounded. :) I am doing such a good job considering I have been munching on banana chips *soh good!*. I digress. I am working on my dissertation proposal again. I decided to go back to the literature most similar to what I want to do and work my way from there. I know there will be a lot that I need to go through but these are the papers I will start with first.

I won't bore you anymore with details. I just really wanted to report what I am going to finish by tonight. I will not rest until I really finish all these because I have to finish my chapter one by Friday. Fortunately for me, I do not think I have to work tomorrow.

Over and out. :)

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