Thursday, July 14, 2011

Swimming Ariel

My sister showed me this video and I have been wanting this doll since! I have always loved the Little Mermaid. I saw the movie when I was nine and I have kept on watching it over and over. I memorized her songs and up to this very day, I still sing her song Part of Your World every time we go to a karaoke place.

I wanted an Ariel doll before but I was a stingy kid and my parents gave me money to spend. I saw one that really looked like Ariel in Bahrain before but I was too stingy to buy it. I think it was 10 Dinars which was roughly 1000Php then and it was early nineties... So no. I did not get the doll.

Fast forward to today... I want the Swimming Ariel!!! :) Can I please, please swim with Ariel the next time I am at the pool.

Oh and yeah, Santa, if you can read my blog, may I also have my mermaid fins?! :)

*Swimming Ariel... Swimming Ariel song from the TV advertisement*

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