Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I have found everything in this one person.

He says he's beginning to fall out from this person from the States.


Yet he spends almost everyday with me?

Beginning to fall out of like or love whatever...

So is this the reason why he invited me to go to his company outing at Pangasinan?
Is this why he's so nice to me?

He treats me like I have always wanted to be treated. Things that I have played in my mind how a person I like would be like he has made into reality.

Save for one. He is not in love with me.

So shoot me if I am still hoping that he would finally like me.

Get a rusty cutter and cut my throat with it because that just might feel so much better than having to wonder when all these amazing moments will end.

I know I told myself I have had too many heartbreaks to even mind going through another one. I guess I just said that. All wounds bleed. All cause pain no matter how many you have had. It still throbs.

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