Friday, April 22, 2005

I do - n't think so

When there are two people in love when do they know they already have a relationship?

Is it when they kiss?
When the other person puts his arm around the other person?
First hug?
When you start calling each other using terms of endearment?

Does it matter if they both agree to commit? What does that change? Isn't that just a date to remember? Is it really just to keep count the number of days they are together? Surely it does not assure them both that they will stay together because I know of so many cases where you have a commitment to each other and still one of two starts cheating. Does it really help that they have a commitment or does it just further complicate things? Is it just a pass to be more intimate with one another? To demand more of each other?

Is it more comfortable if you just leave things to be and see what happens? No frills. No demands. Just plain old sweetness. You know you are sweet to one another because you choose to and not because it's an obligation. You choose to date just this one person because you really want him and him alone. You want to spend time with the person because you can't stand not being with each other not because you are obliged to or because you are afraid that the person might feel unloved. Will the relationship make you more lax? Isn't a relationship without a commitment more exciting? Does it not keep you on your toes?

Am I just rationalizing?

Am I secretly wanting a commitment from you?

I have to be in the now. I just have to enjoy what I have right now. Life is not complicated, we are just thinking beings who happen to complicate things. Does that make sense?

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