Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My Very Good Friday

Friday morning I was planning to go with the Singles Apostolate but I never got the e-mail about the details. I thought I was going to wait for another year to go to one. But he said he'd take me to do the Way of the Cross.

He was going with his family for a Vicita Iglesia already so I assumed we were just going to a nearby church. Nope! He did it all over again for me. Okay, this is very conceited of me. He did it for the Lord and the goodness of his heart. He picked me up and so I suggested St. Michael Church, the nearest church to our house in Cavite.

We then proceeded to St. Andrew's Church. This church is very dear to my heart because this is where I spent most of my childhood. I went to school in St. Paul and well this church is across my school. I used to be a lector there. I was glad he picked that one.

He drove us to St. Joseph Church but unfortunately it was closed. He toured me to the school grounds instead because that was where he went from kinder to high school.

The next stop was the Shrine of the Child Jesus at Macapagal Avenue. There were too many people in the church and I guess the lay ministers there figured that one out because they set up stations of the cross outside of the church. After the fifth and sixth stations, he asked me if we can go to the sea wall. It's really breathtaking there! Wow! He took pictures of me and then we took pictures of us. The pictures turned out great, looked as though we were in a ship hehe... :)

We then proceeded to San Isidro Church, this is where my brother and I hear mass every Sunday.

I suggested the Malate Church because it was near. He did not hear me. I suggested the second time, he was pretending not to hear. Okay. Let him have his way, he is after all driving.

He drove us to the Manila Cathedral. He was asking me how much it would cost to get married there since I told him a co-faculty got married there. He carried my bag and said he missed carrying a girly bag haha :)

We walked down the street to San Agustin Church. He said that was also the second to the last church that they visited earlier that day. No doubt at this point, I was just sooh glad I was doing this with him the first time.

Our last stop was the Quiapo church. You see, I had this thing with the Lord years ago. I asked him if he could give me a clue if the guy is the one already. I asked him if it would be possible if this guy can invite me to go to the Quiapo church. Well, my first boyfriend did that but we never really got to go to Quiapo we went to the Sta. Cruz church instead but I thought that counted haha :) I ended up having a relationship with that jerk... anyway... going back...

We went to Quiapo and we did the 13th and 14th stations there. It just felt so right at that time. I silently asked the Lord to bless our friendship. I was tempted to ask the Lord to let us be together but then what do I know? He knows best. He's weaving me into the person he wants me to be. As to what the purpose of this wonderful guy is in my life, I leave that unto Him.

At the end of the day, everything was just in place.

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