Thursday, April 28, 2005

Meet the Family

Last Tuesday I had to go pick up something at Ortigas. I texted my friend working in Makati if she wanted to meet up. She said she had to run some errands. Very unusual, she rarely declines.

I got my check and went to Shangri-la. Texted Cherie who works near the place. Told her I was at Shang. She said okay. So I guess she was going to do something else too. I strolled for a bit and then went back to Taft. Upon seeing McDonald's I got hungry though it was just 5pm at the time. I ate already.

I was planning to go to my unit already when a student started walking along with me. I could not go to my unit coz I don't want him to know where I live so I walked to Gox instead. I ended up booting my computer and using my YM. My co faculty members invited me to an early dinner too but I had to decline since I have had dinner five minutes before they invited me.

*** told me days before that it was his sister's birthday but I did not think that he wanted to tell me anything other than that. That night, he told me that his ate texted him that she was treating them to a dinner. He asked me if I wanted to come... My heart stopped! I just prayed for this at the Pink Sisters in Tagaytay last Monday (should be a different entry).

The dinner went well... He really took care of me. From the moment we stepped out of the car to meet everyone he really was behind me. Before we got into the restaurant we had to walk on an island, i was wearing stilettos and I slipped but he caught my fall. This was the highlight of my evening hehe!

He has a beautiful family. His father is so gwapo and tizoy! They were nice, his cousins were especially fun! I am glad i have met him. He says I am the first girl he ever introduced to his family. Of course I was deeply touched by this. I asked him, "First? So there's going to be a second?" he said,"No. You're the first and you'll be the last.". Wow. Really sweet words. Every bone in my body wishes that this were true.

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