Monday, April 18, 2005

My Last Three Days...

I experienced the most horrible course card distribution (not counting the time when a parent came to see me)! I explained to students why they failed for four long hours. I was digging my records and looking at their document and putting up with bratty kids who were bigger than me. I hate course card distributions! They're emotionally, mentally and physically draining. Nothing feels as pardon the term, shitty as looking a student in the eye and telling them that they failed. I should know how they feel because I was a student too. Technically, I still am! :) Thank God I survived that nightmare of a day! I was actually hoping that after that long and horrible day my prince will come. He wanted to but he had a teambuilding to go to and it was to be at Pansol, Laguna. In fairness to him, he called me twice for 15 minutes per call? He really made his presence felt as if to say, don't worry I'm here for you and I was glad he was.

He called me up early in the morning to tell me he was back to civilization and really wanting to see me. He wanted to drive straight to my place... but I had somewhere else to go at 9am. I told him we could not see each other that day because he had to go to Bulacan for his grandmother's wake and I was to go to a date with a female friend.

The date went well... I learned a lot.
When you love you don't count, you just do.
You look after the welfare of the other.
Life is not a big waiting room.
It's okay to give.
Life is indeed beautiful.
God gave us a promise and He is keeping it every single day.

My friend and I heard mass but most of the day was spent shopping for a gift for a goddaughter. I enjoyed looking at the little shoes, little toys, little clothes and wished silently I were shopping for my own kid. hehe! :) He called several times to make sure we were getting the right stuff... It was as though he were there because he kept on calling.


Finally, we saw each other! I was not even decided yet on what to wear for the Christening of his new goddaugher so I put on a jacket. He was standing outside my door with a big smile on his face. I did not even notice the breakfast he had in his hand. He said you better have breakfast first. He is the sweetest being able to remember my classic breakfast order. He picked out a blouse that I can wear because I asked him to. :)

After the Christening, we went to Greenbelt to hear mass and then saw the movie, The Wedding Date. We had dinner at Bubba Gump's, went home and hung out some more. My mom and my sister were still there so they talked to us for a while and then left. My brother was there but he was busy with something.

Each day spent with this person is just amazing and there are times when I would just silently thank the Lord for sending him to me. Out of so many people the Lord sent him to me. What a gift! I pray that He will bless our friendship because I really like this beautiful person he gifted me with. When I'm with him I know everything's okay. When he smiles at me, I feel a cool breeze of air on my cheeks.

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