Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ice cream with cherry on top!

I am happy to report that he has updated his Friendster account. I am unhappy to say though, that I had to tell him that I was sad the other night because I saw his account and I saw them again. When I close my eyes I see them and I could not take it anymore.

He apologized profusely and said that he was planning for the longest time to take out those pictures. He promised to take them out that night and he did. He called me several times that day to make sure I was no longer sad. It took a while before I got over it as it always takes me but I appreciate the effort of him trying his best to make me laugh and make me unsad. I think we talked for twenty minutes each time he called. He is so very sweet! I don't know what I did in the past but I must have done something right in this life to deserve a sweet guy like him hehe :) okay he's a demo version still. :) I have not seen so many flaws yet... well nothing I cannot live with.

We saw each other last night, he wanted to watch a movie but he was coming from a basketball game and I didn't want him exhausted so we just stayed home and hung out. We had food delivered. I was cleaning up when he grabbed the plates again and said he was going to do the dishes. I was stopping him coz he drove all the way from the south and he just played basketball but there was no stopping this big guy hehe :) He was laughing to see other stuff in the sink. He washed those too.

He said in our conversation that he wanted to still be sweet to his wife even after he gets really old. Isn't that the dream of any girl on the planet? Still be sweet with her partner after her hair turns gray? I wish this guy is really for real!

My ex did some background check and people only had nice things to say about him. I'm not really surprised. To put cherry on top of my already yummy ice cream, my ex texted me last night:

As early as now I have been praying the novena for company keepers intended for the two of you. No joke! when you tell me your stories, I am convinced you're in good hands. You have my support, and I'm here to help and listen. You're a beautiful person and you deserve this peace and happiness. Good night my good friend. ;)


Weird to, pero I'm really glad you have *** with you right now. I'm excited about you two ending up together. No joke! I imagine you being happy and contented, and it makes me okay.

I am glad he said all these things. It makes everything right.

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