Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Falling and Crashing

We are talking again. Shoot me but we are again. It was plain torture for me but I really held on to my word but he caved in. When he did, I could resist no more. I did not want to hurt his feelings. Darn! Some doormat, you must be thinking.

He has e-mailed the girl that we are going out already. Hmm... I don't know how he said it but for now I guess that would do. Cherie says I should not shut him out of my life coz I might miss out on someone great. Cherie has never met this guy but I think she may be right. Why am I forcing us to drift apart just when we are just beginning to build a foundation? He shared the same opinion. He says we can still fix this but not in the way we have agreed upon. We are just hurting each other that way.

I had to agree because I was indeed miserable without him in my life. We started talking last Friday through YM and text.

After my prayer meeting last Friday I was hoping he would invite me but he never did well at least not until I was already at the SLEX. He ran out of battery and had to go to a friend's house to recharge. Fate decided not to let us meet that night.

The following day we were supposed to see each other. I was going to Alabang to go to a general assembly of the outreach committee of my apostolate when I had an accident. My rear tire exploded at SLEX and my car turned (I don't know how many times) and then hit the island. I was lucky to walk out of it unscathed and through the Lord's grace, I did not hit any other vehicle in the process. My car looks... well... you can imagine. I'd rather not describe it, it hurts too much.

I called my mom first. No answer. I called my brother. No answer. I called my mom again. Told her i got myself into an accident. She said she doesn't know exactly where I am but she will be there. I called him. Five times before he answered. He was in another room. He said he was going to come over. They all came.

My heart soared when I saw him. My muscles were shaking from the accident but I was glad he was there. I was glad I finally saw him. He offered to drive my car. He was going to leave his car in the gas station so I would not have to drive. I said no. He just convoyed with us.

My mom thought he was just too sweet.

He called me in between stoplights to check on me and to make me smile. He can be the sweetest guy!

He asked me what I was doing the following day. I told him I was attending a reunion at the Meralco Theater. It was going to be from 5pm to 11pm. He asked how I was going to get there. I told him I was going to commute. He said he doesn't want me commuting. He offered to drive me there. He made it clear though that he was just going to bring me there and pick me up. He waited for 6 long hours for me!!! We finished at 11:30 pm. My heart just melted!

We heard mass from 4:30 to 5:30 pm. He picked me up at around 2:30pm. He is such an amazing person. He did not want to come with us because he wanted me to have fun. He really just waited. I don't know how he pulled through but he did. After waiting, he was still his very cheerful self!

The following day I went to a videoke session with some faculty members. He went with us because I did not have a ride home.

I just hope this is no demo version.

Sometimes I really feel lucky he's in my life. Until I remember that girl from the States. :)

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