Friday, February 10, 2006

Who Moved My Cheese?

Who Moved My Cheese?

Have you read this book? You probably have read this already months ago, but I only got to read this yesterday. I can't say it's something new because I have been doing just what the book states. Not because I already knew of the story of the mice in the book but because of a text message that I got when I was so down.

When God asks you to put down something, it's because He wants you to pick up something greater.

If anything, the book explained to me why I love my boyfriend so much. He would not allow me to wimper or whine for too long. Sure he lets me complain but he also reminds me that I should get going and keep on working towards the goal I want to achieve. Though he understands how forlorn I already am, he refuses to accept that I am too tired to make it to the finish line.

Incidentally, perseverance and faith was also the topic of the homily yesterday. The gospel was about the mother who had a daughter with an uncleaned spirit. The mother persistently asked Jesus to heal her daughter and when the mother got home, her child was healed. The priest said in his homily, that we should never lose hope. There is always a reason for everything. In the meantime that things are not going as we want them to, we should still keep on trusting the Lord because he has a plan. We should always see the big picture.

Coincidence of coincidences, in my FORMDEV class, the students built a tower made of index cards. During the activity, they are not supposed to talk to each other. I enjoyed observing my group. It took them a long time before they got to building. In fact, almost all groups have already built something before they began. I have six people in my group. One of the members, the one whom I believed to be the most creative one came in late. I was a bit disappointed that he was going to miss the exercise. One of them immediately began to work while the other one started his own tower. The other two sat on the sidelines to watch the other two. After seeing that the other person is making progress, the other person started to get to work. When teh group noticed that the other two were making progress, they joined in. Though one of the members kept on sneezing and coughing (intentionally, making the tower collapse) the group did not mind. They just kept on building.

Finally, the tower was finished after one collapse after another. The final tower was strong, strong enough to carry a FORMDEV booklet. I even took a picture of it. The facilitators tried to fan it down but it remained standing and then the other person pretended to hit the tower with a bottle of One iced tea, failing to catch it with his hand, it landed on the tower, causing it to topple down.

The group after letting out a scream, started building again. I was amazed. They were the least bit frustrated. They just kept on building. They won the contest.

After which, they decided to hit it with a paper plane made of index cards. It did not fall right away, but two seconds after the plane hit the tower, it trembled and then collapsed. I caught it on video. I will upload it here, when I find the time.

Truly, lessons abound whenever we look hard enough to see them. All we need to do is to look more intently an to listen more attentively.

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