Monday, February 06, 2006

Lucky Nine

The morning I have been waiting for finally came. It was odd because when it did, I was so groggy... Nonetheless, I picked up my phone and rang my boyfriend. To no avail... He was still in dreamland. I gave in to my urge to sleep.

A couple of hours later, my phone rang. My boyfriend, said hello in his hoarse voice which I find really cute. I knew right then that I had to wake up. I had an exciting day ahead of me.

He was taking me skating that day. I have not skated in two years I think. I loved skating way before I fell in love with swimming so you can just imagine what a treat the day was. He got to our house at 11 in the morning I think, and we drove to The Shrine of Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life (I referred to this shrine as Shrine of the Child Jesus), at Macapagal in the hope of being able to hear mass there but to no avail. So we decided to go to the Sea Wall instead. Instantly, memories came flowing. I remember the "walk" vividly and when he first put his arm around me. I was frantic not knowing how to react. It was a joy to see how we are now with each other.

He brought his D70S and we had an instant pictorial then and there! It was fun! I got to take some shots too but I really need more practice, it takes me forever to focus. I want my own camera!!!

A ton of pictures and two really tanned faces later, we were on our way to Krua Thai of Blue Wave. I got us some Ice Monster desserts while he waited for our order at Krua Thai. I had Ice Strawberry and he had Ice Mango and they were both yummy. He brought along his D70S and took more pictures. I wanted to take pictures of our food and the restaurant but the manager did not allow us for fear of infringement. We had to respect that of course, it was just a shame that we couldn't take nice pictures.

Krua Thai Posted by Picasa
After that, we were on our way to CCP where we spent most of the day. We strolled first and had another round of picture taking by Manila Bay in front of Dencio's. After which, I finally was able to skate again. I was amazed when I saw the contents of the trunk. It had a mat, a picnic cloth and other things. He really planned for us to have a picnic, unfortunately, we had to settle for just having some snacks at the side as we took a break from riding the bike and skating. Picnics were no longer allowed.

Rolling my skates again was fun though I have forgotten how heavy it can be on my foot. Then again, maybe I secured my boot too tightly. I ended up with two small burns because my socks were too low. All my skin injuries on my legs are always brought about by skating. I forget pain when I'm having fun hence, the burns that I always tend to get. Save of course, the two instances when I fell on the ice and scraped both my knees, resulting to a burn also.

He rode the bike as I skated. I got to try the bike too, though I cannot fathom how he was able to maneuver that bike, I am roughly nine inches smaller than him and I was having trouble riding it becaue I felt the bike was too small. It's been quite a while too since I last rode a bike and I must say, I had fun riding it too. Hmm... Wonder when I can ride a horse again? :)

We heard mass at Macapagal afterwards and ensued another photo session, this time the subject was the church building.

The day was fun. It would have been fun regardless of what we did because I was with him. It is quite a joy to be next to him and to be able to look into his eyes and breathe the air he breathes. To feel his warmth and to hear his laughter is a joy beyond compare. I have found contentment in his arms.

Thank you baby for the nine months that we have shared and I thank you in advance for more months that we are yet to share still.

Each day we are together, we lay a foundation for our future. As I see how much we have done so far, I cannot help but raise up a prayer to the Lord for thanksgiving and continued guidance and blessings for without Him, I know our walls will come crumbling down and with Him, our walls can withstand the test of time. Though we are lucky, I feel luck has nothing to do with us finding each other. I honestly believe, you are my answered prayer.

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