Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Saturday of Firsts

This Saturday was a bunch of firsts... I didn't know so many firsts can be crammed up into one Saturday but hey I am not one to complain. I am glad we shared the following firsts last Saturday:

  • FX ride together

  • Trip to Binondo together

  • Dine at Wai Ying together

  • Walk in the rain under one umbrella together

  • Trip to Divisoria together

  • Shopping at 168

  • TAS Trans bus ride together

  • Singles Apostolate Prayer Meeting together

The trip was great.

It actually started out as a small talk at the Singles Apostolate Encounter Weekend. My co-apostolates were talking about 168, a mall that sells really cheap shoes. Being the thrift that I am I just had to go. By thrift, I mean buying stuff when they are cheap, regardless of whether I need them or not.

Anyway, I told *** about my plan of going to Divi to go to 168 and then he offered to go with me. He is soh sweet!!! I love that guy soh much! DV shopping is supposed to be stressful but not for me, well at least not when I am with my baby. He took care of everything carrying everything I bought... He is not the typical guy who hates shopping... well maybe if he actually does hate it, he doesn't show it. He never showed disinterest in what we were doing, in fact on several occassions (most of the time actually) he was helping me decide.

We rode the FX going to Binondo because I did not want him to drive to Divi given that I do not know where in Divi 168 really is and I know getting a vehicle in that area is like banging your head to a jagged boulder.

We had our first FX ride going to Binondo, it was a relatively smooth ride and we even saw the manager of La Casita. We asked him where 168 was but he was unable to give us instructions... I was optimistic though that we will be able to find our way. I suggested to eat lunch at Wai Ying since I promised a few months back that I will bring him there when I am done with my thesis. Lo and behold, finally I am! :)

We had a heavy, hearty, yummy lunch (Those adjectives are all the juvenile words that I can muster to describe our feast)! It rained as we ate and it was still drizzling after we got out of the restaurant. It was a good thing I brought an umbrella. The people we asked said we can walk to 168. Fortunately, a woman was able to give us a more detailed set of instructions and my boyfriend was sensible enough to pay attention and remember them. If it were not for him we could have gotten lost and found our way to Recto or some other remote, unheard of area. As we walked, he held the umbrella over our heads. He really took care of me.

When we got to 168, my eyes where sparkling with delight or at least I felt like they were because I was ecstatic (there were no mirrors around at the time)! I wanted to buy one pair of girly shoes, but I ended up buying three pairs of shoes and two girly bags! All for my budget of 1210!

We went home by riding a jeep outside 168 and then we alighted in front of Manila City Hall and took a TAS Trans bus from there. It was fun how he never really lost his cool though it was a bit humid and it was raining. It took a while too before we could get a ride but he was fine with it. He even said we could always go back again.

We put everything that I bought in the unit and then we proceeded to St. James to attend the Singles Prayer meeting. He was reluctant to attend because he knew no one but he yielded after I asked him over and over. The prayers and even the songs were ok with him save for somebody whom he thought gave him a cold shoulder... That guy has some explaining to do... But I'd like to think he just did not have a good day.

He drove me back home to Taft where we hung out for a while.

Thank you baby for that amazing Saturday!

I had so much fun!

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Kiko said...

You are flat-out in-love.

And it is good.