Monday, September 05, 2005

And So On And So Fourth...

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I had it all planned out. I had a surprise that I wanted for him. He has been surprising me for so long... This time around, I wanted to do something for him. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen turn of events, I was unable to carry out my plan. Being the person who rarely plans, I was immensely disappointed when the way I envisioned things did not materialize. I consoled myself but I guess concealing is not among my talents.

He had to pick up his parents and my surprise required us to be at a certain place by 7pm. By 7pm he had to be home to pick his parents up. He fetched me at 530pm to get some fruits so we can visit his friend who was found to have a malignant tumor in his thyroid. The flow of traffic was rather heavy so going to UST was already impossible. Instead, he drove me back to the condo. He wanted me to come along to pick his parents up but the idea of sitting in a car with his parents scared me... I mean what do we talk about? I don't want them to think also, if ever *** fails to get there before 7 that it was all because of me. I just want my slate as spotless as possible.

While we were in traffic, he gave me an orange gerbera from Designer Blooms. There was a card attached to it and I was glad because the last time I got a card from him was months ago... :) I gave him a card and a letter (being the wordy person that I am). I did not have a gift for him since the gift was supposedly the surprise... Oh well... Maybe next month.

I gave him a wallet instead which took me a while to find. :) But finally I found it and I do hope he liked it. He was looking for a wallet a few days back and I also saw that his wallet was a bit worn out already.

Our fourth month celebration lacked the luster that our previous months had but it reminded me that we don't need a flashy celebration for us to be happy.

He came back for me after he drove his parents to the terminal. After he picked me up I was okay. I was very glad that we are together and happy.

The following day, I asked him to pick me up from RP because I had to buy drinking water for the house. After he left the unit at around 1am, I heard the bell ring. I looked in the peep hole and saw nothing. I was a bit alarmed because if that were him, he could have shown his face. I was thinking it was him, that maybe he forgot something. I even called my brother and my brother was so alarmed he almost called security. A few more minutes, *** called. I asked him if he was the one who rang our bell. He said yes. I told him I did not open the door. He asked me to open the door, and there... I saw a giant bear clad in a blue striped sweater. Similar to the small bear he gave me when I finished my thesis. I was so surprised I gasped out loud and let out a shriek... the units along the all must have heard it for it echoed for a while.

I named the small bear Thesis because he gave that to me as a congratulations gift for finishing my thesis. I named the big bear, Proxy because he's his substitute for when he cannot be around for me to hug. He smells of his perfume... hmm... I am so in love with him. I love hugging Proxy!

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