Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Day of Gold

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Today is the 50th birthday of my favorite aunt of ***. She's so bubbly! I like her husband too. I got to see Mama again as we all fondly call his grandmother who is already 82 but can still host a party and have everyone sing and laugh, teach line dancing to the tune of Don't Break My Heart My Achy Breaky Heart, sing and dance 'Til There Was You, read and commentate for masses, not to mention that she's always all made up and dressed up... She can put Imelda Marcos to shame! I wish I could be as kewl as her when I reach my golden years err... platinum?!

I was soh nervous and anxious on the way to the party. We had to drop by at the airport because my fave tito and his son (***'s godson) were waiting for a lechon from Cebu. For the one and a half hour that we were waiting inside the running car (My fave tito of his did not want to turn off the engine because it was hot) my tummy was doing a world-series gymnastic routine... I was fearful of meeting his mom for the first time. Yep, today was the day...

When we got to the party, almost all the guests were there already. His mom and his sisters were there already. I greeted Mama first and then I was introduced to his mom. I kissed his mom and his mom's other two cousins. His mom was warm and friendly. We occupied another table with his sister and his sister's boyfriend. I was a bit thankful for this because I was at this point still afraid of his mom.

The program began with the speeches. Followed by the dancing. His mom asked me to dance with Mama and I did not refuse hehe... Being the game person that I am I boogie-d with Mama until she told me she was exhausted already. I panicked when she told me because she has just been to the hospital the the week before due to over exhaustion and mild stroke. She asked me to dance with ***'s mom. We danced and we both seemed to have a great time.

His elder sister plays the organ at St. Joseph and that afternoon, she had to play for a wedding so we all went to go to St. Joseph. It was my first time to get so close to the bamboo organ, I even got to touch the keys... I was tempted to play Mary Had A Little Lamb hehe... I had fun. I even got to meet ***'s teachers because they were distributing report cards today too!

We left St. Joseph after the meet and greets and proceeded to ***'s house in LP because my beloved has not taken a bath yet. He failed to do so because early that morning he was already asked to pick up the lechon and that took up most of the morning... by the time we all got to the party he could not leave anymore because the people there would not let him.

It was also my first time to go to his house. They had three very aggressive dogs but they did not do anything to me so that was okay. I got to meet Manang, their househelp who was also very nice to me. Now, I don't have to fear calling *** at home because now we're friends.

Once he was all freshened up, we (***, his sister, his sister's bf and myself) went back to the party as his mom instructed us to have dinner there still. We sang on the videoke some more, line danced, danced the swing and the boogie, had dinner and then watched Big Brother.

Saturday was indeed a great day... :)

Hope to the Lord his family likes me coz I sure like them a whole lot!

After I got home, everything went downhill... My mom was pissed.

Is she jealous? I really don't know. Things have not been the same lately. She seems to be always on our (*** and me) case. I hope things will fall back into place so we can all be happy again.

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