Friday, August 26, 2005

Reason To Teach

If you think being a teacher is the craziest and rewardless profession, read on:

To the dearest +++,

One fo the most supportive teachers I have met in college, she has been a professor who has left a great mark in me. She would not probably know about it and I would like to take this opportunity to reveal this all to you.

Of the professors, I have always hoped she would be my teacher again and again. Unfortunately, I only became her student in one course, I like the way she teaches. She does not give pressure to students and she teaches as if the subject is very easy. What is best is that we learn from her and we enjoy studying with her.

I admire her faith to the Almighty. I have always admired how she would go to mass everyday no matter how tired and how busy she is, how she would commit herself to anything for God, how she has committed to FORMDEV classes, how she shared her faith to students. I have learned a lot form her. In times, when I had a hard time hanging on to my faith afer He has taken my dad away, she was one of the people who have taught me to stay with my faith. I did not need direct words from her but her actions spoke more than her words. And her actions were enough to encourage me. She did not know this, but whenever I see her at mass, she was there walking gracefully, her face full of joy as if she had no problems at all. She walks with God's light radiating in her and I would always admire, that I would want to be an inspiration like her too as I was tearfully crying in the back. Yes, I have learned a lot from her when it comes to faith.

From the moment that I was acquainted with a professor named +++, she has been confident of my potentials. Although, I would not believe hat I could do a lot, she has been the person who always believes I can do it. She puts a lot of trust in her students. She has guided me a lot in my college life. She has guided me in ways she would not have probably remembered. Her smile, her words of wisdom, words of encouragement and words of support have always made me take and overcome challenges in my college life.

I only wish the best for her. I hope you continue to inspire and encourage students like how you have inspired me. Thank you so much. Words could not express how truly grateful I am to have known you. :) God bless you always. You will always be in my prayers.

With all love,


This is a letter from my student who is now working at HP. A leadership awardee and president of a professional organization. She is a masterpiece really.

This letter is enough reason for me to stay in the academe.


Anonymous said...

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Kiko said...

Uy, teacher na yan FOR LIFE ^_o

dRaMaQuEeN said...

har har... :D

Kiko said...

Did I sound sarcastic ba? =P

I mean how could you not want a job that merits your hair the due attention to at least 350 people everyday? =P bwahahaha

dRaMaQuEeN said...

i can soh wring your neck right now... but then again... I know you're rigth. ;)