Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Let's Get Physical (Physical)

I had fun yesterday jogging at the sports complex with tananantanan... my baby!:) Yes, after more than a month we got to jog again!


Tiring but nonetheless refreshing afterwards. Hope we can consistently do this! We were so tired and hungry that we found ourselves at Wai Ying later that evening munching on some dumplings and other oh so heavenly yet sinful food hehe... maybe not that sinful since some of our orders were steamed and not fried.

After jogging he dropped to do some push-ups... wow can he do push-ups!I was daring him to do crunches. I positioned myself and he refused to do it with me since he just finished a round of push-ups. I started mine while he was trying to check if there were contractions in my abdomen and well... there was minimal contraction and that was when he showed me how to do it really. Darn! The correct way was indeed much more difficult. Whew! my abs feel tighter today. I should keep on doing that.

Yesterday he posted a friendster testimonial for me. Call me cheesy, but I cried reading it. I was surprised and I was touched by the words that he said.

I really feel blessed. I do. I pray that the Lord continues to shower us with love, joy, trust and understanding.

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