Thursday, March 17, 2005

Somebody stop me please!!!

Have you ever fallen in line to ride a big rollercoaster? When you feel like everything in your stomach is in a loop, and you feel like coughing them out? You fear for your life but you also fear leaving the amusement park without having tried the rollercoaster. While you are in the ride, you feel a kaleidoscope of emotions, excited, scared, dumb, regretful, everything but when the ride is over, you just feel nauseated like you really got nothing from the ride. Nothing but the fear, anxiety, excitement basically the torture of it. Yet after all these, you know that will not be the last time you will want to ride it. I am feeling this right now. Somebody stop me. I do not want to ride the mean machine.

I met a nice guy.


Cherie said...

ohhhh.... so you met a nice guy huh? interesting... hehe ;-)

- she - said...

ah.. you met a nice guy.. so that's what it was!

i won't stop you then! enjoy the ride! :)