Monday, March 21, 2005


I don't know if I say this all the time when I'm beginning to like a person but here goes...

I have known him only a total of four weeks. We have seen two movies, hung out 'til 2am at the Bay Walk, talked 'til 2am at Starbucks, drag raced along a national road, saw DVD movies together, discussed our previous relationships, he got me out of a hell-project by helping me 'til 3am. We have both had discussions on what we want out of a partner, my family has met him already. He has already spent a day with my little sister at EK. We talk all the time via YM. He can sustain a conversation with me for the longest time. He does not bore me. He hears mass every Sunday. He thinks of the future seriously. He shares the same dream of having a family someday. Though mine is just an idea, more of a suggestion to myself, he is determined to have one. He also dreams of working abroad. He is an athlete. He does not mind if his girl would wear daring outfits, says he can defend her anyway since he looks like a bouncer. He cracks me up. He's a great driver. He shares the same love for pirated DVDs hehe... He can calm me during my most kill-me-already moments. These are all so superficial. I know. I know I should slow down. But how can I? I can't even pause to organize these thoughts? They are just coming. I want to stop. This is dangerous. I know he isn't courting me yet. I know 'cause he has not given me flowers yet. I know he has a thing for another girl he met in the States. Yes, it hurts. So why am I giddy about this? I am not a risk taker but why am I risking getting hurt big time? Why? I hate myself for this.

Perhaps I have survived too many broken hearts for me to even worry about another painful experience. This just might be worth the pain later on.


Cherie said...

go rhia! go rhia! hehe

every relationship is a risk so if you're gonna go for it, do it with all your heart, no turning back, we get to live only once you know :-)

good luck!

- she - said...

i agree with cherie! go rhia! :)