Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Stupid Person + Mobile Phone

I wanted to clarify the previous post since a lot seems to wonder who might that jerk be. I have reason to believe that the stupid texter is my first ex boyfriend. Obviously since the texter seemed to be very fond of my ex and he's the only one I know who is that fond of himself. Really. To feed the curiosity of everyone, he is not at all goodlooking... Though I am tempted to post his picture here for everyone to lambast or better yet to tell you his friendster account name, for the sake of whatever kindness and respect is left for other people's privacy, i will, restrain myself from doing so.

Some people texted me, emailed me about my post feeling sorry for me. I was actually fuming with anger and the night I got all these messages, I was shaking and wanting him to just drop &#@&! I was disturbed but at the same time I could not really tell anyone. I was playing with the idea of telling my boyfriend. I did not want him to get hurt or to be affected but I did not want a big gap between us because I was not telling him something that was troubling me greatly. I am glad I told him because he was able to make me feel better as always. He just laughed about it and as soon as I heard laughter bubbling out of him I just could not help but find the humor in what happened. I am glad he's very positive. A friend of mine told me we make a pretty good combination. I seem to be always worrying while he comforts me. He's the only one who has that effect on me. He just says the right words at the right time. One of the many things that endeared me to him is his infallible self-confidence. I feel like nothing can make him insecure. This comforts me because this will assure me that jealousy fits will be kept at bay always. He said he was glad that I replied to the messages the way I did.

I wanted to at first post his phone number here so that I can request all of you to pester him for me but I won't do that because I realized I have so much to thank him for. I thank him first and foremost for letting me go. The moment he let me go, he lifted from me a curse of putting up with him and his lies, a curse of living a miserable, nightmare of a life. When he let me go, he gave me another chance at life, a new hope of finding a love that is true. I thank him for not depriving me of that opportunity. I am truly grateful that he hurt and lied to me. I thank him for being the jerk that he was and still is because he made me see the difference between a big, fat, ugly toad and a chivalrous prince. It's amazing how sometimes we confuse these two. Hold up. Let me speak for myself. It's amazing how I tend to confuse these two. So, in spite of the things he did to me and despite the things he did not do for me, I thank him. I am not angry at you. In fact, I could not care less what he does in his life so long as he does not hurt the ones i love and he does not interact with me, I am fine with that. I am grateful because if it were not for him and the series of unfortunate events he led me to, I would not have met, fell in love with, and love the man that I love so dearly right now.

So to the Stupid Texter, you may not be as stupid as I might think. Or if you really are, for once your stupidity worked to my advantage.

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