Thursday, June 09, 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

We were talking last Monday and he asked me out. He said that since he thinks I look like Angelina Jolie (the gayuma I injected directly into his spinal cord is still taking its effect, available in all leading gayuma stalls in Quiapo, not tested on animals hehe) and he thinks he looks a lot like Brad Pitt too (must be the side effect of the gayuma) it is only fitting that we see the movie on its first play date.

Tuesday night, I was talking to a cofaculty when I saw a French Spring Festival brochure. Being a French enthusiast and the bad listener that I am, I looked at the contents while he was talking about his piano lessons (I was also listening on the side, I'm not that rude!) I came across a page that advertised Paris Off Color, a photo exhibit of George C. Tapan at Greenbelt 3. I was of course interested, it was a bonus that *** is also a photography enthusiast... well more than that, he was after all the editor of Retrato of Plaridel. I told him about it and it turns out that Tapan has given them a seminar years ago, back when he was still in Plaridel. We decided to reserve tickets at GB3.

Wednesday night, I was drained a bit already because of my classes. I got some doughnuts from Cello's Dips and Doughnuts to-go, they have nice tasting doughnuts and I wanted *** to try them. I wanted his sisters to try them too. I got two boxes and then went up to our unit to rest.

I was already lying on the couch when he texted about a project that he needed to demonstrate this Friday. I thought maybe he'd want to work on the project until late that night but he said he was going to demonstrate it the following week instead as agreed upon by him and his boss. He also told me that his mom was coming home from La Union and that his dad called to tell him. He declined to pick her up because he had a date with me. Though I was touched that he chose to still go to our date in spite his duties as a son and as a developer, I felt a bit guilty for being happy that he chose to be with me hehe... What if his mom hates me for this? Won't she feel that I'm snatching his son away from her? Is this projection? hehe...

Last night turned out to be one of the best movie nights that we have had so far.

He came around my place earlier than I expected. We went around GB3 first floor looking for the exhibit but the Tapan exhibit was not there. I was already a bit disappointed but I did not want to admit that the French Film Festival was all an imagination of mine, so we went to GB1 since the Tapan exhibit was supposed to coincide with the French Film Festival to be held at OnStage. It was there where we found out that the exhibit was right in front of the cinema where we were going to see the movie haha! :)

We saw the exhibit first, he signed the guestbook and then we had dinner. I like it that we talk with each other and I genuinely have fun when I am around him. While eating I thought I saw him look at my ring and a smile crept across his face. It could have been my imagination but I'd like to think it really happened. I am so happy to have him in my life.

It was a really good movie! Not a dull moment, I was either at the edge of my seat or laughing really hard! I definitely recommend that you see it. It's the best movie we have seen so far. Hitch of course is an exception hehe... It might have helped that when I saw this movie, I had my baby to hug during the heart-melting moments.

To my baby who has done nothing but special things for me. Thank you soh much. Last night, while we were at GB3 looking at the photos, I have thought of a nice surprise for him. It might not be as orchestrated as his surprises but I want to do it for him hehe :) I read this book before about nurturing the other person's interest and he is interested in photography but he has stopped taking pictures. Real pictures using a real camera. I'm planning to get him some film so he can start shooting again using his old camera in the meantime that he does not have a digital SLR yet. He said something about it being expensive if he uses film... we'll see what we can both do.

I don't know how it is possible that after four months of meeting you, I am still growing more and more in love with you each day that goes by. I find my heart skip a beat everytime I gaze at you, I still get the warm and fuzzy feeling everytime you reach for my hand, my cheeks burn when you put your arms around me, hugging you is the most wonderful feeling that I can think of after a stressful day, my tummy ties in a loop when you kiss me, my knees still weaken when you gaze at me, my eyes still light up when thoughts of you cross my mind. I have you always in my heart. How I got you to walk in there, I have no idea but heck, I am locking you in and throwing away the key! I love you baby more than I could ever express, more than I have ever conceived possible.

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