Monday, June 20, 2005

Of Sprains and Fear

I saw Batman Begins last Saturday. The whole movie tackled the most overrated topic, fear.

"What do you fear?"

I fear a lot.

I fear my thesis. Perhaps that's why I keep on running away from it. I keep on pushing it away. It has been haunting me for years already. So why am I not doing anything about it? I realize now that this is my little way of dealing with unpleasant things. I run away from them. I do not deal with them. Have I written about this before. I feel like I have. Or was it just in my head? I keep on running away but lately I feel that it's closing in on me... about to swallow me whole. So today, I will not run. I will seize the fear. Face it head to head. So what in the world am I doing here? I better get back to work.


I promise after this I will get to work... After I hear the mass... I have acetate duties today at the chapel.

I sprained my ankle so he visited me Friday night. He noticed the humongous mountain of trash already piling up so he asked me where the garbage chute was. After he found out where the chute was, he was off to throw the trash. Hmm... extended demo period? hehe... Every part of me is really hoping that this is the release version.

He looked at my foot and massaged it. He was touching it and it just felt nice to have his warm hands touch my calloused (eww... ) foot. He leaned over my foot and kissed it. I was soh embarrassed! There were butterflies in every corner of my stomach. This man just kissed my foot. I don't know any other guy who has done that... Not counting people who kissed my foot when I was still a baby.

We saw Batman Begins last Saturday. We spent a few minutes finding the nearest parking slot because he did not want me to walk too far because I was still limping. He is an amazingly sweet and thoughtful person. Before we saw the movie he asked if we could drop by a drugstore. I did not understand why he wanted to go there but I obliged. When we got there I found out he was going to get some liniment for my foot. When we got home he massaged some of the ointment on my foot. My foot is feeling better now. Thank you very much baby! :) Everything you do for me does not go by unnoticed. Not a day passes without me thanking the Lord for sending you to me. I love you soh much!

To my baby, thanks for making me smile, for calming me in times when I feel like freaking out. You don't always know when but without you doing anything, just your mere presence in my life is enough to make it more worthwhile and more bearable.


Kiko said...

Na-sprain sa kaka-heels noh

and he kissed your (calloused) foot!? ( sa'yo galing yung adjective =P )

Signal na yan for you na mag-foot scrub. ^_o

so dapat magaling na yan huh!

dRaMaQuEeN said...

I got a sprain from the morning before. It's in my previous blog entry.

Jahe nga e!!! :)

I will take your advice Kiko, your kikayness hehe :))

My foot's feeling better thank goodness... I'm not limping anymore though there's still pain.

Kiko said...

There's still pain?

Ibig sabihin nun, kulang pa sa halik. =)

( at this rate, if you do apply foot scrub, he might do more than just kiss your foot - siguradong full recovery ka na nyan ^_o )

dRaMaQuEeN said...

ewww... did i ever mention I'm a visual person? Too graphic for me to handle... wehehe...