Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Speedy Blog

I have worked for hours on my thesis!!!


Now that is quite a feat and it feels good too. It was quite an adrenaline rush. I think it has died down because my brain is slowing down. Perhaps the fact that it is five minutes to twelve midnight has something to do with it. I'm leaving at 12 so that means I have five minutes to get everything out of me.

I now dub thee, Speedy Blogging.

Hmm... So many things has happened.

Last Week:

Monday: I spent six hours in the library reading about Gateway Protocols. I had fun. I should go to the library more often. If only I could just work there I think I'd be able to work on my thesis faster because it's so peaceful there.

Tuesday: I have been busy with my thesis Well last week Tuesday, *** came to see me at around 11pm because he knew I really had to work on my thesis. He even brought me dinner. He really just wanted to see me. Isn't he the sweetest?

Wednesday: I really have no memory whatsoever of what happened last Wednesday... Oh wait. Hold up! I worked on my thesis again the whole time, in fact I almost was not able to say my novena so I said my novena in my desk. I had a deadline supposedly which was why I had to work overtime last Tuesday.

Thursday: I had to host for a Recognition Night. Spent hours on the phone with him. It was a greate conversation but I felt guilty afterwards because I was supposed to work that time hehe :) But it was well worth it!

Friday: It was Manila Day and we were not supposed to have work but I came to school nonetheless because I had to do my thesis. I got stuck ni heavy rain that day and it was beginning to flood. Good thing the rain stopped and so he was still able to come and visit. We saw the Spurs vs. Piston replay. This time around I ordered him dinner because he was coming from a shootout game where he qualified for the finals!

Saturday: Swam and then I worked on my thesis a miniscule bit because I was really not in the mood and I was too nervous to really think because I was going to meet the rest of his clan that day. It was hsi cousin's victory party for passing the CPA board exam. I was going to meet his lola and I just found out that day that I was to ride with his aunt and her family with his lola too. That did not push through but I sill rode with his dad and his two sisters. They're all nice. Yup even his younger sisteris nice, she just seems intimidating at first but she's nice. His whole family is nice. His lola is way kewl! She can still dance and sing Til There Was You! She's soh hip! I like her aunt too and she is easily becoming my fave in his family. Apart from his female cousin who is soh kalog and of course the male cousin who passed the board exam. He even called me that morning to invite me to go to the party. He said he texted me but I did not reply. Yup! They are all nice! We sang on the MagicSing and then we had dinner. He was driving and I sat at the back with his sisters, all the while he was glancing at me at the rear view mirror from time to time and when he saw a chance he'd text me too. I am soh lucky to have him!

Sunday: I had to be a driver to my beloved sister. I had to drive her to ATC with my limping foot. It still hurts a bit but I drove okay... Well... okay is a relative term. *** met us at southmall, yes my sister asked me to drive to Southmall to look for her Anime stuff. He was pretending to look around Comic Alley too when I noticed him standing there. He is soh cute!!! My sister had fun around him. He cracks the funniest jokes and he is just soh fun to be with. I like it that he is sensitive to my sister.

I know I saw him Saturday and Sunday and that I really should not miss him but how could I not, when the whole time we were together, we were so near yet so far? hehe :)

It's already 12:15! Oh well soh much for speedy blogging!


Kiko said...

How come your foot still hurts?! To top it off, you even drove and swam with it!

Ask him to take away the pain already. It won't take more than 10 mins. Guaranteed. =D

dRaMaQuEeN said...

Thanks for dropping by Kiko! :)

I think a part of my foot is bruised and it really takes me a while before I recover from bruises. It still hurts but it's more tolerable now.

I think it makes me swim faster, it's like having a fin! It just flips away on its own as I kick. hehe... Ten more trips and Ian Thorpe will have to worry about that record of his! hehe...

I know that though it was sweet of him to kiss my foot... he can only take soh much hehe :D