Friday, December 02, 2011

Three Blind Men

The homily today was about the blind men who told Jesus Christ, "Lord
have pity on us.". They did not directly ask the Lord to heal them.

The priest said, more often than not we ask the Lord for exactly what
we want. We think we know better than Him. When we do not get what we
ask for we get disappointed. The priest said it's normal to be
disappointed. However, we have to remember that the Lord gave us the
best that He had, His Son. He gave us His Son. That should clue us in
that He will always give to us what is best.

I am among those who ask for exactly what she wants. I have always
believed in another passage, "Ask and you shall receive, know and the
door shall be opened.". I realized today that the source of my
frustration is precisely this. I have to be humble and trust in the
Lord. I am at His mercy after all.

Today's Psalm response was "The Lord is my light and my salvation.".

I shall not trust on mortals but on the Lord who has mercy.

Oh and yeah... On a very happy note, I have found the medal!!! *yahoo!!!*

Another realization that I had, I am pretty. :) *haha thick face!!!*
Seriously though, today I realized that I am pretty, lovable and sexy.
If you have not realized that about yourself, it is not yet too late!

Ciao! :)

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