Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Ex-cited and Exhausted

I am strangely excited for class tomorrow.

It's sad that though I brought my dumbbells out, I was unable to use
them... I hope to do Yoga tomorrow. Colds, please go away.

Thank You dear Lord for allowing me make it to mass today. *whew!* It
was a late notice from the coordinator and I had to be the substitute
commentator. I thank You Lord because I am less nervous now and I
still get to enjoy the mass.

I thank You dear Lord because I know little by little You are changing me.

I hope I can keep this up.

Thank You for so many things but today I am most grateful for my
family, my mom in particular.

Thank You so much for my mommy and for Mama Mary. I feel Your love
through them.

Oh and yeah, I am happy I am getting published on Springer!!! *woot!*
Never mind that I won't be able to download the paper because I do not
have an account on Springer *hehe!!!* First!!! :)

I now have an IEEE and a Springer!!! *woot!!!*

When oh when will I get a Journal? :)

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