Thursday, December 29, 2011


I got to play with two beautiful and smart girls today. It was such a
joy being with them. I really had a wonderful time, I did not expect
today to be this beautiful. Thank You. As if playing with these two
bundles of joy was not enough, I also got to ride a seesaw! *woot!* It
has been a long time since I last rode a seesaw and I had such a
blast. After the seesaw, we had an isaw fest. I have forgotten how
yummy the isaw was until today so I had to steal another isaw
*hehehe!!!*, well, it was more of a donation. Thanks! :) I also got to
have a red velvet cupcake which is my most favorite cupcake flavor
hands down. *yummy!!!* I also got to see a kid I used to play with her
when she was three, she is twelve now. She called me Tita Friend and
my other friend Tito Monster back then. She still remembers me. I was

In between all these, I had great company and so much laughter.

I thank You dear Lord for this wonderful day.

You truly are my Lord and my Shepherd, I shall not want. In verdant
pastures You give me rest and beside still waters you restore my soul.

Thank You.

Happy Birthday Jesus! :)

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