Monday, October 03, 2011


I have just enrolled in and had my first class in one of the online
courses at Standford University. I have been following the professor
for a while now via iTunesU and I am glad I enrolled because it really
gives me a feel of an actual lecture class with recitation and quizzes
haha!!! So far I am doing well. I had two quizzes already. I had to
recall my Calculus. Gah! I think I need to read Leithold TC7 again. :)

Can you tell I am excited? We just did linear regression today and
gradient descent (and how this works if used for linear regression). I
do not teach this in class but maybe I should perhaps this would help
them understand other concepts in machine learning more particularly
global optimum/minimum, convergence, and why in the world we use
functions. I only hope I can find time to religiously follow the
classes. :) If not, I always have iTunesU but the materials online are
guhreat! I signed up for an advanced class so there will be
programming classes. Their classes are more algorithmic and
mathematical and I am used to applied ones. I hope I survive! :)


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