Thursday, October 27, 2011


There was a time when it was not tack to write down too many too
mention but then that was a time when very few things were considered
tacky... Like... Hmm... I am sure there were a few things but there
isn't a single one coming to me now. Blame it on the memory... or
perhaps the lack of taste *relatively!* back when I was young.

A lot has happened to me the past few days. I had my first ever trip
to Vietnam. I am not sure when the next one will be but I am darn sure
it will be for a business trip again because otherwise I will not go
and visit again. I found myself cooped up in one place most of the
time. Their city is nice but then again, I am not that big a fan of
cities... except New York City but that is understandable. :)

I had my Lasik Surgery after I got back from Vietnam and that got me
consumed. Also, I had to finish my machine project in my online class
at Stanford U. Ack... That ate my time. Big time. Now I have another
one. I hope I can do this faster because I have to get back to my
dissertation. I want to kick myself already. I have this feeling that
this should not be as hard as I am making it look. I am just
sensationalizing this and I am hating myself for it.

I am happy I do not have to wear glasses anymore and that the first
thing that I see in the morning is the picture of clarity. That and of
course everything in disarray but clear disarray mind you not the
blurry botch of mixed palette of colors. Happiness!

I went and had my surgery alone. I got into a taxi and got home alone
and most people scolded me because they said I should have asked
somebody to come with me. I did not want to inconvenience another
person and besides I figured whomever I bring along will just freak
and it will not help my nerves either. Besides, my mom did take
herself to the hospital to deliver all three of her children.

I really have to work double time... I do not like the idea but I have
to *heheheh!*.

Thank You dear Lord for a basketful of sweet goodies yesterday. They
made my day. They were so good. :) Thank You for always keeping me
safe and also my loved ones. Thank You for surrounding me with so much

I pray that I may be able to go back to my normal routine very soon
because I can feel my body fat sneaking up on me already. That and the
aging process is beginning to get to me... Arrgh!!!

Then again, I am happy. I guess that is what matters at the end of the
day. That and the number of people I have made happy. Which reminds
me... I do not think the number of the latter is that high yet.

I better sleep. Will try to work on the machine project tomorrow and
get my eyes checked. It has been a week since my Lasik procedure. I
hope everything is fine. I hope both eyes are still 20/20. :)

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