Friday, October 28, 2011

Le Sick

Is me.

I just saw my All Laser Lasik Surgery video.

What the hell was I thinking subjecting myself to such a risky operation?!

They cut a flap on my eye and used a metal stick to lift it. That flap
could have torn or there could have been folds and stuff and then that
would have messed things up. I am not saying the doctors were
careless... I am saying many things could have gone wrong. I thank the
Lord because of my recovery. I was praying as I went through the
entire harrowing experience.

I am glad and grateful that my eyes are doing okay according to the
doctor. I can now go back to my usual activities save for swimming. I
have put on my eye cream again... It has been seven days since I last
used it and I can really feel the lack of moisture taking its toll...
Vanity again.

I also found out today that I can still sky dive and scuba dive and
expose myself in high pressure areas even after Lasik. Initially, I
thought they were going to put in lenses in my eyes but apparently,
they just laser the lens of my eyes to fix the refraction.

I could see fear in my eyes as the machine did its thing. I squirmed
as I saw the metal apparatuses on on my eyes and how they treated my
eyes as though it were some sturdy object... Those are my eyes!!!

If I saw a video like this before I had my eyes done, I would never go
through with it...

So far I have just been experiencing drying of the eyes, which I
expected. I hope it does not worsen though... Apart from that, I think
I am okay. I still see some halos when I look at the light directly
but other than that I am fine.

I am delighted by the clearness of things and the fact that I need not
remove my lenses and wear eye glasses. I can take a bath and see my
body parts *info overshare*, I can plank and do other mat exercises
and not have my eye glasses falling off my face. I cannot wait to run!

Hmm... I think I will invite my sister to run this Sunday so she can
also prepare for her HSBC run. :)

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